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  1. Nutta

    INEOS Team GB

    I have enough tinfoil already. Or have they moved past using baking foil as clothing material?
  2. Nutta

    INEOS Team GB

    For £225, they could have thrown some fucking sleeves in...
  3. Nutta

    Team NYYC

    Sponsors paid to have their brand broadcast, so satisfying them if nothing else?
  4. Nutta

    Who goes home first

    They are not medals, they're individual bulletproof plates to mitigate the inevitable firing squad. This is why KJU has started using AA weaponry for the job.
  5. Nutta

    Prada Cup

    My cat says "You can't handle the truth"! Who knew he could channel Jack Nicholson?
  6. Nutta

    AC TV Coverage

    I watch the whole thing on VE, as you get a better picture of what's actually happening without being at the mercy of an idiot director cutting to irrelevant shots/data all the time. Have TV on for anything spectacular that may occur.
  7. Nutta

    Prada Cup

    Some recent revelation that agreements put in place for AC35 by RC may have carried over to AC36. Maybe do some reading into that?
  8. Nutta

    INEOS Team GB

    Not always. There were several periods when AM was faster. Depended on wind and tide I guess. Funny that.
  9. Nutta

    Team NYYC

    It's the unscheduled and unwanted returns to the surface that are problematic...
  10. Nutta

    Prada Cup

    They'll be stuck in there until their regatta is over. Get fed through a straw. The smell in March when they get to shower will be epic.
  11. Nutta

    Prada Cup

    As an ETNZ supporter with fuck all on the line, I kinda enjoyed it. The fluky conditions that allowed intermittent foiling when a team could find wind made it a bit interesting. AM was down 750m in two minutes in R2, but even a lead like that was dubious right until the end. And the 45m time limit added some interest around whether INEOS could finish. More interesting than 6 legs of 100% foiling, bouncing down the boundaries, and which is all over in 20mins.
  12. Nutta

    Team NYYC

    You'd think twice about flying on an Airbus... 8)
  13. Nutta

    Prada Cup

    2mis 750m...
  14. Nutta

    Prada Cup

    AM another pooch screw before the start...