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  1. It certainly was a wind up... on a cocky little ginger...
  2. Nutta

    AC 36 Protocol

    Health and safety is all pervasive in many Western countries, an NZ is no exception. Unless there are adequate nods to safety, no one will be sailing anything...
  3. Nutta

    The new sailing twin skin setup

    Even sailing at 90deg to the surface, she was the fastest boat out there.... 8)
  4. Nutta

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    ^ Just how necessary is this foiling thing, really?
  5. Nutta

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Didn't the Australians try breaking a boat? It was the fastest in the event - to the bottom! 8)
  6. Nutta


    They're fitting 60' razor sharp foils to it down in the viaduct now. It'll be out terrorizing the Devonport ferry by mid-afternoon tomorrow...
  7. Nutta

    Team NYYC

    Once you have the cup, you need a deranged protester to smash it. There you go...
  8. Nutta

    Time foiling

    Get a sandbag up ya! ETNZ left several in the Great Sound through the CSS... 8)
  9. Nutta

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    If they store the bodies of council bureaucrats and inspectors in the containers along with their equipment, that'll sort a couple of issues simultaneously...
  10. Nutta

    Time foiling

    If it wasn't foiling, it wasn't the faster boat...
  11. Nutta

    AC36 Auckland NZ

    We're tracking pretty well on this...
  12. Nutta

    Team Australia

  13. Nutta

    AC36 Auckland NZ

    Someone has to bring around the orange segments at half time..
  14. But are incapable of keeping a kitchen clean...
  15. Don't they need a woman on board for the VOR to work in the kitchen? [Ducks, runs, dives for cover...]