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  1. Strike3

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    From SailGP Facebook: ''the SailGP app has not yet been released. It will be available later this week'' Translation: The app is still a fuck up and does not work yet......
  2. Strike3

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    'Carnival of carnage' you may not be wrong: 6 boats piling into the leeward gate at 50 knots! Hands up if you think that is a great idea?
  3. Australia's greatest sporting moment was of course when the Judge found Shane Warne's Great Grandfather guilty and deported him....
  4. Strike3

    Make your prediction

    Posted in Feb and now looking possible!
  5. ART or GTF for the chop.....
  6. Strike3

    Team NZ

    Word from BDA is the extra power is a game changer. ETNZ have them worried......
  7. Take a shitload of cash and a tent
  8. Strike3

    Make your prediction

    Fastest boat always wins so: Oracle bt SBTJ for the cup SBTJ bt ETNZ for LV LRBAR & Artemis lose in LV semis But none us really have a fucking clue until racing proper starts!
  9. Strike3

    Team UK

    BAR are getting absolutely hammered in the training races in Bermuda: zero wins to date, no foiling tacks and the grinders are burned out halfway through the races..... The rumors that their T boats are total shitters seem to be proved correct.... R1 needs to be a huge improvement or it looks like early flights home... probably explains why the PR machine has dried up.....
  10. I was trying to figure out why they put this meaningless announcement out...... Clean has nailed it: they have nothing to sell after the Cup ends in July. If they want to run an ACWS event soon after the Cup,they need that deal signed now, and who the hell Is going to do that?.... Oh and Larry clearly doesn't get irony.......
  11. Strike3

    Oracle Team USA

    It's pretty fucking straightforward guys: ACEA screwed over ETNZ by pulling the qualifier in Auckland... Arbitration Panel have no choice but to find for ETNZ despite longest possible delay getting convened by ACEA Harvey guilty as and walks the plank,or is pushed off..., ETNZ have ACEA by the balls and ask for $20mil ( or more)and and a one month sailing blackout whilst they ship their AC50 One month delay suits LRBAR, GTF & ETNZ so gets approved in double quick time. Just the $20mil to find or we are off to NY Court.., As I said, you could not make this up!
  12. Strike3


    You could not make this up..... The damages settlement with ETNZ is strongly rumoured to be $20m.....
  13. Strike3

    Vendee Globe 2016?

    Josse just slowed down and bore away big time - He might have a big problem....
  14. Strike3

    Team France

    AC45F use battery power on the foil control