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  1. Eds SC-33 Anarchy 3

    Hmm - looks like the rating is about right. 2nd time out and 1-2 for the scratch boat! Good sailing Anarchy!
  2. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Navy announced they had an Epirb but never used it. Also, they were in radio contact with the 'girls' in June (they left in May) and they were fine and proceeding to Tahiti.
  3. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Well, she lost her cell phone - Google maps would have saved her. Hell at least DR might have put her in the right hemisphere. Female driver.
  4. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    They had water purifiers and a year's worth of food aboard — mostly dry goods like oatmeal, pasta and rice — before setting out for Tahiti from Hawaii on May 3, the Navy and Marie Appel said, and they used those supplies to survive. The fishing vessel contacted Coast Guard in Guam and the USS Ashland, an amphibious dock landing ship that was operating in the area, reached the sailboat late Wednesday morning, the Navy said. Appel and Fuiaba were taken aboard the USS Ashland and will remain until the ship’s next port of call, the Navy said. "They saved our lives. The pride and smiles we had when we saw [U.S. Navy] on the horizon was pure relief," Appel said in a statement released by the Navy. The sailboat the pair was on lost its engine during a storm on May 30, and they believed they could make it to land by sail, according to the Navy. But by two months after leaving Hawaii, they began making distress calls every day, but were out of range for any stations or ships, the Navy said. Marie Appel said she was told that after her daughter, a landscape architect who has been sailing for about a year and a half, and her friend Fuiaba set sail from Oahu, a series of things went wrong. I Two hours in the trip her phone was washed overboard, Jennifer Appel contacted the Coast Guard to let them know and the Coast Guard estimated the pair should arrive in Tahiti by around June 5. Then there were problems with the antenna, the motor starter failed, and new rigging on the mast broke, Marie Appel said. The Navy said the engine became disabled during bad weather on May 30, but they continued on by sail. When they were found they were far off course, closer to Japan while Tahiti is south of Hawaii, around 2,600 miles away. They sailboat was found more than 5,000 miles away from Tahiti. "At one point she was close to Wake Island but because of the winds she never made it there either. And so she’s just been drifting, drifting with the currents," Marie Appel said. Marie Appel said she doesn’t know when she will be reunited with her daughter, who is from Texas and has been living in Hawaii for around eight years. "Jennifer’s a very strong-willed person, and very curious, and very creative, so consequently when things would break she would try to fix them," Marie Appel said. "And so I was sure that if it was any possibility, she would pull it out, she would make it." when Jennifer Appel called her mother from the Navy ship, Marie Appel said "she was so enthusiastic and she really sounded healthy and in good spirits. That was fantastic." Appel said with a laugh that she would advise her daughter "I think four wheels on the solid ground is preferable to sailing," but doesn’t think the experience will land lock Jennifer. "She loved the water, she loved going to Galveston, she’s always enjoyed the water," Marie Appel said. "So I doubt that she’ll stop, I doubt that she’ll stop sailing."
  5. So were ETNZ cyclors a factor or neutral

    - ENTZ had so much more fluid available, they were never concerned about haivng to wait for a tack/gybe (as evidenced by others going off course without fluid). In addition, the crews hands were freed up to fully 'keep the dot in the middle', thereby fully freeing up the driver to turn anytime and not be concerned himself with keeping the foils jsut right. Everything else just fell into place.
  6. Merit with a 150 genoa. Let go over the tiller. Boat rounds up to a tack. Genoa backs and pulls the boat to a reach with the Genoa backed and the main full but on the wrong side. Crew might be in the water. Genoa rips at spreader then up the whole leach. Boat continues on around and then gybes. Go back to step 1 until you grab the tiller and stop it!
  7. which yacht designer ?

    Well, nottrying to be silly, but how about looking at the recent winners of these races and see who the 'real' designers are. I quickly looked at the key 600 milers (SH, MiddleSea, Fastnet, C600) and the recent Transpac. Far and away the biggest winner (won 3 of the 5 events this year) is the Cookson (Farr) 50. The largest podium finisher with TP and minimax is Vrolijk. Key designers by count in the top 10 of each event: Vrolijk, Farr, JuanK, Ker, Elliott, Mills, R-P, Lee, Rogers, j-boats and a few odd others I may have made a few minor errors, but not wanting to spend too much tim. Looking at the real world is probably as good as or better than just asking at the bar!
  8. Wht havent' multihulls taken the world by storm

    Interesting discussion. Except for the new high end Gunboat types, you either deal with the limited space, but higher performance type or you deal with the condo cruiser type. A friend delivered a large Outremer, and while he loved the space, he hated the way they boat lurched around, especially on the beam in the ocean. At night they set minimal sails to minimize speed and lurching. I ws surprised to hear that. So, it sounds like its still one or the other, and there doesn't appear to be a near term swing to multis, except for maybe the pure cruising and the pure 70 ft all out racers. Thanks
  9. FP Anarchy kicked out of race

    Well, at least he is still allowed at SDYC events. My mistake - I guess he gets a bad wrap and I heard/remember it wrong - I apologize (see how easy that is Ed?) "If he wasn't kicked out for shoving Nelson off the dock......he should be okay if he keeps a low profile there."e
  10. FP Anarchy kicked out of race

    maybe he slept with the commodores daughter.........that would do it!
  11. FP Anarchy kicked out of race

    I may have missed it, but I just went through the anals and can't find the posts about the original issues - has the ED hidden the truth? He's not answering the questions here and the history has now disappeared? Is there some thing runing amuk in anarchy-ville? Come on Scot, lets see the history - what you believe you did, what they believe you did, and where is the actual letter? YOU stir the shitup and then you HIDE! My guess is that someone will have your new boat inspected, weighed, etc. just cause.
  12. This isn't a pointed topic, but with several years under the belt of A-class, Nacras, Gunboats, the mod70s, AC, etc, why haven't the multihulls taken the world by storm (in terms of numbers) and will they ever? Yes there are those who are just sold on mutlihulls - but the run of the mill racing crowd hasn't jumped on board. We see all the TP/Pac52s, the the mini-maxis, etc - so we know there is new money being spent, but excpet for the high end cruisers and the super hight end record breakers, we still don't see a shift to multis. I know from experience the cats can be onucomofrtable as they bounce about, but they can also be comfortable when they get up and out of the water. They are fast, require less crew, etc - so why haven't they taken off? Is it because SH and Bermuda didn't accept them? But fastnet, trans atlantic, transpac all accpet them so that can't be it. Looking for real thoughts not trible drumbeating. If we were to build a new boat today- should it be a monohull or multi? Interesting question after two big AC efforts have led 80% of sailors wishing the event back to monohulls.
  13. Martin Breaker Anarchy

    Save the weight and hassle and just send Ricky out - who cares if he gets drenched!!!. Hell, he's going to have to retrieve it anyway
  14. J70, cheating and pros

    Di you purposely and directly reshape the foredeck to gain a specific advantage? no, then only 15 lashes. if Yes, then keel haul. Simple.
  15. J70, cheating and pros

    M24 has simple templates to measure fins against during pre-race measurement - it appears the J70 has them now as well ( you can see in the video the simple measurements and failures) - a little fairing does not seem to be the issue here. As clean inimate, there may be boats with additional internal structure. Apparently, there are some M24s that became more 'successful one designs' after 'repairs' - still they had to meet 10-15 basic measurements, but structure and hull 'fariness' may not have been measured. Still these j70 fin measurement issues look to be grossly out of sync with fair play intent. Glad to see they have finally reigned it in. Its hard to believe the class grew this big with these known 'measurement' problems - these could be all recent and only related to Italy but with Greenwalds' issues, it seems to be rampant in the class.