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  1. PV Race

    Same models so nothing more to trust but this is fun to look at: https://weather.us/model-charts/euro/north-america/windspeed-barbs/20180304-0600z.html
  2. PV Race

    Just saw the latest on both - think i will stop looking and use Hope & Change as our strategy!!
  3. PV Race

    I vote we stay with GFS!! All with me say, argh!!!
  4. PV Race

    As for the AIS, I assume they really want to use it to notify the RC when to watch the YB closely at the finish. AID is not accurate enough for calling lines or finish times, but accurate enough to notify someone that a given boat is within minutes of a given position. That being said, I would think 10-15 minutes would be reasonable unless the SIs state something different. Coming out of stealth mode for 15 min at the finish is not going to change any other boat's tactics.
  5. Defending an existing PHRF rating

    Since PHRF wants to rate the boat and not the sailor, give them data for boat on boat. Don't bother with the overall races, as the better sailor wins and the best the PHRF can do is use that input. Rather keep track of legs, showing the speed of similar boats going the same side of the course. That allows you to show PHRF the actual speed of the boat not the ability of the crew to pick a side or make better transitions. In the meeting, where one of the 'accusers' was attending, i asked them about their start (terrible) and which side of the course they picked (wrong side of persistent 15 degree) and out into the greater head-on current. I then showed how we fared against similar boats to us that was well sailed and went the right way - about the same as ratings suggested. I showed this for two different events, up and down wind and the problem went away. The offending accuser sure looked like an idiot and backed right down.
  6. PV Race

    Wonder what the RC will do with the boats not having an MMSI/AIS - several boats do not have any listing on the FCC website and its hard to see how they get one in time: Amendment 1: An AIS transceiver IS required to be on board and functional for each vessel entered in the race. The Sailing Instructions will specify that AIS is to be switched ON only for a nominal amount of time at the start and finish of the race.
  7. PV Race

    Could be - but with multiple fronts passing before then, its hard to believe that specific forecast will hold for 10 days.
  8. PV Race

    from the schedule: Thursday, March 1, 2018 1200 START - ORR Division 7 San Diego Bay 1800 Kick Off Party SDYC Club Room Friday, March 2, 2018 0800 Div 4, 5, 6 Reception & Skippers Meeting SDYC Club Room 1200 START - ORR Division 6 San Diego Bay 1210 START - ORR Division 5 San Diego Bay 1220 START - ORR Division 4 San Diego Bay Saturday, March 3, 2018 0800 Div 0, 1, 2, 3 Reception & Skippers Meeting SDYC Club Room 1200 START - ORR Div 3 San Diego Bay 1210 START - ORR Div 2 San Diego Bay 1220 START - ORR Div 1 San Diego Bay 1230 START - Multihull Div 0 San Diego Bay
  9. Anarchy III For Sale ??

    Its kind a metaphor on life these days - being a lifelong dick gets him a decent paycheck, but the same trait keeps him from maintaining a stable personal life............
  10. PV Race

    On the flip side, there are a number of Cat3s getting paid that really shouldn't be - and that's an embarrassment to us all.
  11. FP: Another “tumultuous relationship”?

    Let me get this right. GF or the boat and he picked the....oh, never mind.
  12. PV Race

    Broke a D2 during a spinnaker hoist I hear
  13. PV Race

    Heres a pic on a mini transat ( jetboil as a generic terminology) - it is evident just outside the 'nav station' btw - on a recent tp52 i was on, the 'nav station' was a laptop bolted upside down to the main bulkhead and the user laid on the floor looking up at the laptop screen - that was about it. Weight weenies will always find a way.
  14. PV Race

    Jetboil is a manufacturer of extremely lightweight backpacking propane single burner stove. Weight concious hang one of these on gimble on a bulkhead for all their hot liquid and freeze dried cooking needs. Less than a pound.
  15. PV Race

    TP52 started as a box rule for west coast and pacific offshore racing. The boats were very successful and a decent size for both grand prix and offshore. In about 2007, the class was 'shifted' to a med based series, almost died in 2011 and has had a number of local updated rule changes. Currently, there are 9 boats being built by 2 designers and 3 older boats coming back for 2018. I surmise there are well over 50 TP52 box rule boats in existence world wide, with less than half being designed/built for the med series The rest of the TP52 world (I don't have a count) race under various handicap and have won virtually every major offshore race there is at one time or another. Any of the med-series cast offs, are very fast inshore boats, but NOT built to offshore scantlings and virtually no one would take them offshore as is. The Pac52 is an attempt to take back the boat (not the current inshore 'rule' or class) to its original intent (inshore/offshore), and they have made some minor updates to match it to more modern needs. Other TP52 box rule boats are invited to sail, but must be altered to make fair racing against the true inshore/offshore inspired boats. The med-based TP52 'rule' will go their focused way, and the Pac52 class, while still in the same TP52 box rule theme, will go their own way. I suspect that the med-inspired/tested hull shapes (botin) will continue to be fast but will be altered for the offshore needs in the Pac52 class.