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  1. Bende

    Salvage advise appreciated

    Allright, sorry for the late reply, internet can be scratchy here, offcourse Zonker, im in over my head. But where´s the fun if your not from time to time. I have done comparable jobs before. And yes, there is more professional advice im using aswell, but over the years i have learned one can find surprisingly good tips even in the most grubby corners of the world, like SA! We expect a bollardpull of about 15-25 tonnes when towing. A strong point on the Victoria is the challange. Obviously some clamps and a winch wont do. Thanks Rasputin, thats what i mean, apreciate it. We do consider using those big steel road plates instead of old masts. But they are not easy to come by here. And they are a bit more expenxive in case we ruin them. But when in place and well greased, it would be a smoother ride. Yes, the boat is in st Martin. On the French side. The corrupt permit sceme is ongoing on the dutch side. The autorities are cooperating quite well. il have in writing permission of a 3 month timeframe, and the free use of lubricants, machines etc before any start. Any other tips? What are your thoughs on a strong point. Either chain together all the deckpoints, or some sceme were a chain is wrapped around the entire hull and bolted at gunnelheight. Welding on site is a problem. Cheers, Peter
  2. Bende

    Salvage advise appreciated

    yeah, it does, hold on..
  3. so I am serously considering salvaging this Irma victem She is a sturdy wreck, about 75ft, Allloy, with some serieus dents and a couple of ruptures on the portside, under the sand. in fact, she is lying on a cushion of sand and concrete rubble. weight estimate is about 45-55 tonnes The waters in front are shallow and rocky crops prevent a cranebarge from getting close enough. However, there is just enough room between the rocks to possebly drag her off the beacht without canopening the entire hull. There is a small road behind the boat. But not big enough to bring in a mobile crane. And even if you can bring in a big enough crane, the road will not support at lift. The entire earia is pretty much built on a sandbank. Her bow proudly sticks about two meter into a house, wich in uninhabited right now. her arse is touching the other house, where two families live. Shes about 4 meters far and one meter hight from the floodline. After the floodline the waterdepth increases quite quick. i have not measured the draft yet, but i think she will float about 20-30 meter from the beach.[user]=147269437&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=5[user]=147269437&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=5[user]=147269437&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=5[user]=147269437&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=5[user]=147269437&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=5[user]=147269437&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&amp /edit/ why wont the stupid photo's just show? Firts the boat needs to come a bit more upright, to patch any tear and hole. or maybe just leave her like this and remove the sand underneath it section by section. to apply patches. The remainder of the main mast is quite strong and can be used as a strong point for some careening, given that i add another stay. At the same time take as much weight out of the boat a possible. Half the interior, empty tanks, engines. I will make a ramp of old telephone poles and 10 meter sections of yachtmast. Streching from under the boat, until we hit some decent waterdepth. There are currently a lot of those on the island, pieces of mast that is. The sand is too sluggish to roll them, but i hope a ramp will let the aluminium hull slide. Using a lot of painstaking handdigging, i think it possible to get quite a couple of flat under the boat, making one tunnel after another to insert them. When the ramp is finished, il have to remove as much sand as possible before brining in the big tugboat. Pulling her down the ramp arse first. Rudder and prop are not there, and below the waterline she is quite narrow aft. Now the houses are a bit of a problem. The house at the bow has quite some wiggelingspace, and the boat is not really hooked or leaning on it. neither is the house leaning on the boat. The house at the aft had a modest hole in the masonry wich is now closed again by the owner. But the cornor is a reinforeced concrete pilar, wich might get scraped or damaged when we start the tow. I might cut a piece of boat off. offcourse, she can be cut up onsite, but id like to avoid that, its a cool boat. Bestcase scenario is to tow het off without damage, worst case scenario is is to colapse the two houses and sink the boat in the surf. Im sure everybody has a pieces of mind about the insurance, lawsuits and liability's. Quite frankly, unles your an propper expert on that, i do not want to hear it. That part will be covered. So I have a rough plan, but I would like your feedback, espcially idea's when it comes to not using big equipment. Show me your craziest old-egyptian ideas. Tell me how you would think out of the box with this one, cheers, Peter
  4. Bende


    Just love the project and effort! as i understand, your planning on sailing comming summer? I hope it works out for you and the crews. If your cappable to run al project like this, i'm sure you'l be able to finish it and sail. Do you ned to educate yourself on the sailing part? Id so, tha get started, its naturally a complete different game than building the boat. I do wonder how you manage the the funds, it seems like a costly business. anyway, w'r setting of for a cruise this summer as wel, heading west, i'd love to meet you and see your project floating.
  5. Bende

    Old Whitbread/Volvo Ocean Race yachts

    Silk Cut is now named Pleomax based in Vlissingen, the Netherlands. used for training and races, owned by Harm Prins here now the old Tyco boat is now named Team Heiner One, based in Den Helder, Netherlands, and parts of the year at Portiamo , Portugal Also used for training and some racing, owend by Roy Heiner´s sailingcentre
  6. Bende

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    quite like it, but sooooo much work..
  7. i know of a russian guy in hawai, for who this boat will mean a serieus upgrade!
  8. Bende

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    same here, got a nice reaction from the guy, sail around the world, or die trying!