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  1. daan62

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    so they'll be foiling in 2023?
  2. daan62

    Kane West

    from far away it's so funny! (feel rather sorry for you...) with kane and his inlaws media will be awesome... no more press conferences just a real life soap opera every evening at ...
  3. daan62

    Epstein: the Deafening Silence

    Houdini was an amateur...
  4. daan62

    Being Melania – The First Lady

    it took some time but you found a positive result of his actions...!
  5. daan62

    what is it?

    got an old photo album of the shelf and even found a picture of that day...(yes, thats me about 29 years ago...):
  6. daan62

    what is it?

    relative indeed... can still remember doing 15.1 knts groundspeed (log (analoge) went only (never ever came close to that speed again to my mothers liking) up to 12 knts) on the family boat. a Vilm 36... we left from Blankenberge to go home in the Netherlands, left with about 15 knts of wind, the wind kept increasing up to a point where the women friendly windspeed meter (old Barron set which from time to time gets dirty and reduces the shown windspeed by a couple of knots) said 40 some knts wind over deck... me and my brother were 13 or so, rest of the crew were our parents... only the main up and 1500 rpm on the engine (with that boat your helm sometimes works better with a little bit of engine power). it was the last year we sailed with the wooden mast since the mainsail rail on the back of the mast broke that day... (i was hoisted up the mast when entering Scheveningen with a hammer to just smash the mainsail cars down over the broken part) it was way more impressive than a windy day years later on a 49er/ extreme windy day on a J24/... (of which i remember way less) boats hull speed is 6.5 knts or so... picture of the boat from last year PS: groundspeed was read from a Philips AP navigator...
  7. daan62

    Epstein: the Deafening Silence

    i assume money will have spoken at least halfway her testimony.... (some will be left out of the story...)
  8. daan62

    ePropulsion and Torqeedo experiences

    ok will have a further look at it (have to admit that i'm doing IT and know more about connections/ measurements/ usages/ allocation/ reconciliation) any suggestions on good and reliable sources? (great reply by the way!)
  9. daan62

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    where do you live? (very special time zone...)
  10. daan62

    the greatest

    a friend's old boat... (pic is taken after he sold it...):
  11. daan62

    Summer reading ideas

    Skip Novak's books about Drum and Fazisi.
  12. daan62

    Black Lives Matter

    taking your advice...! (it seems to be a dead end anyway...)
  13. daan62

    Black Lives Matter

    with which you try to say? (or just saying somthing to make a noise?)
  14. daan62

    Black Lives Matter

    ' thing is some can’t make their case without violence or misrepresentation' - i agree on you! (maybe a surprise...) but don't chop down the tree because of a few bad apples... if you want to send in the 'tough guys' send them to protect property but let a demonstration go on.
  15. daan62

    Black National anthem

    @BravoBravo: in my opinion you are a bit like trump.... great in blaming others, great in claiming respect (in your case not even for yourself/ in my opinion you earn respect and cannot claim it...(only the mentally weak try to claim it)) and very bad in answering questions...