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  1. daan62

    dutch ac entry

    https://www.zeilen.nl/nieuws/interview-simeon-tienpont-dutchsail/ and yes, it's in dutch...
  2. daan62

    dutch ac entry

    me, too! (i'm a member of the KNZ&RV since 1977...)
  3. daan62

    What is the best heel/pitch angle?

    on a dragon your optimal heel angle is 11 degrees... (longest waterline)
  4. daan62

    How sailors drive

    after a week of sailing, steering a car over bumps like helming a boat over waves....
  5. daan62

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    Flyer II is also build in aluminum...
  6. then again... amphetamine use in de second world war... it worked for quite some time...
  7. i guess some offshore races are just too long.... a big up/ long period of being awake leads to a big down/ long time of sleep. both are unwanted results...
  8. daan62

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    with a long keel you have a certain time/ angle to react... then she is in control (together out of control) the worst that happened to us (family boat (see earlier posts)) was rounding up and going sideways. (depth of 1.30 meters -> not even water on deck, just a clear lesson of stacking inside en checking the locks on some cupboards) with other boats there were always measures to get back in control (vang/ sheet/ pumping helm...) with a long keel you can forget about those options.
  9. daan62

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    according to plan there will only be two winners, the winner of the race and Don...
  10. daan62

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    and it turned out to be a manipulated survival game...
  11. daan62

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    in the beginning it looked like a race...
  12. daan62

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    at Mark may have accidentally lifted the curtain on when he said "She was very happy that we could chat on the satphone.".. Not the first time... he also lifted the curtain on the go pro's... he got away with it the first time...
  13. daan62

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    translation from another site: Hi there, I have spoken to Susie. She was very happy that we could chat on the satphone. She told me that she was having a very bad day. She is completely devastated.. All those years of work she put into the boat. The boat is really absolutely destroyed, total loss. Even the chain plates have been pulled out of the deck. The railing is completely off the boat. Everything is broken. First her boat was pitchpoled (head to head) and then she was rolled sideways. So the mast has been broken into three pieces. She was just at the chart table where she wanted to call me. She was lucky with that because she lay on the bed before and actually everything that went wrong ended up on that bed during the roll-over. She went unconscious for a moment. She fell on the head. But after she got up she started to fix everything and saw the mast from deck. She is now waiting for a boat, she is incredibly nervous to climb on board because she feels weak. But I told her ‘you just have to go, you can do it, give it all’. But of course I do understand. It is, of course, incredibly difficult for her. For her also, she has putted her ‘whole life’ into that boat. Now she lost everything. It is hard to leave your boat now and leave it there at sea. It is all incredibly difficult. It will take a while before she get over this. She'll call me again tomorrow after the rescue when she's on board. She was very happy that I called her. When she picked up I said: 'if you do not want to speak I also understand', but she was very happy. I was also very happy that I could talk to her. We went through things and shit with the three of us for months. We we were constantly boosting and motivating each other. I think I was the biggest motivator because I always try to get everyone together and motivate them to continue. So yes, it is difficult and heavy but fortunately there is a boat nearby. A few more hours, another 45 minutes now for me and then the boat will arrive at Susie. Right now I can’t stop thinking about it and hope that things are going well. I'm not going to sleep now. I have my phone on when Susie wants to call when she is on board. I also said ‘if you are on board and want to do whatever you want first then first do it and call me in the afternoon when everything goes well. But yeah. I have bad weather again with wind from the North. Its not normal. I'm pushing the boat because I want to overtake the old one, but yes. He has a bit of luck now but that's how things will go. He will get no wind and then I can sail hard. If I generally sail a little bit harder than it will be okay. I only hope that he also gets a little headwind because then I have a chance to make up for a good set of miles. Super cool that everything is going well and that there are so many reactions on our messages on the internet. I don’t think there are a lot of boats that can take such pictures of my boat like yesterday. Most ships do not have those cameras on board, I guess. Yesterday's photos were taken 3.5 miles away with an hug telephoto lens. Of course, these guys have these enormous photo lenses so they can photograph fishing boats from far away so that they can see what they are up to before they are seen. We’ll see, I'll speak to you later.
  14. daan62

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    report from mark slats (dutch, use translate yourself...): https://zeilhelden.nl/2018/12/mark-slats-spreekt-susie-goodall-over-ontmasting/?utm_campaign=shareaholic&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=socialnetwork&fbclid=IwAR0IfHQzfeAJkMxsjPRLIfqPkuHfQHYtVrMCyMUn0K-ME8EByupMxJK39Ss
  15. daan62

    dutch ac entry

    apparantly simeon tienpont is starting a dutch ac campaign.... translation: Holland Goes America's Cup !!! Rotterdam / Muiden, 23 November 2018 - In a historical joint initiative, the KNZ & RV from Muiden and KR & ZV 'De Maas' from Rotterdam reported to the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron as challenger for the 36th America's Cup with a syndicate led by skipper Simeon Tent ferry. From New Zealand The Royal Yacht Squadron responded enthusiastically to the Dutch late entry, partly due to the stature of the associations and the palmares of Tienpont, which in 2011 and 2013 was part of two winning America's Cup teams. The parties work to ensure that the Dutch registration can be officially ratified in the short term. In the 2021, the finals of the 36th edition will be sailed from Auckland, New Zealand, the country of the winner of the last edition. The America's Cup is seen as the first international sporting event and originated in 1851, at the time organized by The Royal Yacht Squadron in England with a race around the Isle of Wight south of England. The cup bears the name of the first winning yacht, America. Characteristic of the America's Cup format is that the defender is allowed to determine in which type of race ship the next America's Cup will end up. Tienpont has done intensive research in recent months into the feasibility of Dutch participation. Tienpont: "Now is the chance for the Netherlands to get a Dutch challenger on the water for the first time in history. The design of the AC75 and the technical specifications are perfectly suited to the Dutch maritime and aviation industry. The America's Cup has always worked as a breeding ground for technology in competitive sailing, and now more than ever before, these innovations also attract the maritime industry. The Dutch maritime sector is recognized as a world leader; it is now a matter of using that leadership to achieve success in participating in the 36th America's Cup. Add to this that our competition sailors are among the best in the world. " The enthusiasm of both water clubs with rich history is great. Chairman Jacob van der Goot from 'De Maas': "If you consider it right, it should have happened much sooner. Our history, the strength of our maritime industry and our sporting experience and talent force it off - an opportunity to be recognized at the highest level ". Michiel van Dis, chairman of KNZ & RV, adds: "The Deed of Gift of 'The Old Mug' appeals to us because it stipulates that challengers must take care of developments on Dutch soil; that the sailors must come from the Netherlands; and that at least 180 days a year in the Netherlands must be trained. Our participation in the America's Cup is a national matter; it is Dutch Glory pur sang. There is a great opportunity for Dutch water sports ". Royal Dutch Sailing & Rowing Association