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  1. Why no Multihull division for the Sydney Hobart?

    Idiot.......check out last years rant
  2. Multihulls in Sydney to Hobart

    Here we go again, maybe read the entire thread before posting anything that has been written prior to your next post......I assume you can read....Not so much a troll, just answered the question. Lydia......great idea, sounds a bit like the last try though.....I think they got two boats and one withdrew due to boredom. It's on again
  3. Multihulls in Sydney to Hobart

    Who are 'they'? Not you.....idiot
  4. Multihulls in Sydney to Hobart

    Getting the popcorn in and making sure I am ready.........at the first suggestion of a 30 foot cat should be entered.
  5. Multihulls in Sydney to Hobart

    I don,t think the peak bodies are suggesting that any craft is safe if you follow the blue book.....they are measly compliant with the current rules with regard to safety, it is a risk management issue. The club has to consider the risk they undertake in running the race and compliance with the current rules helps reduce some of the risk. So, the boat is not safe if you a compliant with the blue book...it,s just compliant with the rules.
  6. One Ton Cup Revival 2014

    Most likely. Blue Max 1 was scrapped and the deck turned into a chook pen in Victoria somewhere I heard. BM II was in Melbourne a few years ago and the last I heard of it was on Ebay! I think she lives, in Adelaide....sailing Div 2, mostly reconfigured.......Port Adelaide Sailing Club
  7. One Ton Cup Revival 2014

    Is it the same Blue Max in Adelaide SA ?
  8. Multihulls in Sydney to Hobart

    Two chances.....Buckley,s and none
  9. Multihulls in Sydney to Hobart

    Very Ho hum........maybe try again next year
  10. Multihulls in Sydney to Hobart

    So.....when do the Multi,s start only a couple of days to go. Oh, thats right no boats......Shame I hear one of the skippers is on Wild Thing and the other one,s is still at home.
  11. Multihulls in Sydney to Hobart

    Looks like a race event trouble....not......and if I can type one not, it would appear another class ,with two boats is just not on the radar, not matter what the boats are.......it,s a keelboat thing. Plenty of sea room to get a multi event up and going.....let's see the NOR.....given there fast have them start on the 28th.....
  12. Multihulls in Sydney to Hobart

    So, we should go away......only people that agree with you allowed, HTFU......you quoted two or three people from a source you did not quote, as if it was your material......you then suggest I claimed you own an idiot ?, ....may be you can,t read. So, it,s all rather boring and has gone the way most Mono v Multi discussions go....the multi people get all huffy and spit the dummy, so there we go......have fun. I still believe if you want the multi,s in a Hobart race , the group should start their own race and create your own tradition.....you are welcome and it would be fun to watch, get your national association to put out NOR . Multi,s are no better or worse than any other sailing boat.....just a class within the group of sailing craft, if you race them then race within your class and enjoy your self.