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  1. Navy stunt in the sky

    I was talking with the Commander of NAS Whidbey at Whidbey Race Week a few years ago. I mentioned that I could see the then EA6B's passing through a high 2'x2' gable-end window in my bedroom (while trying to sleep in my bed). I had just seen 3 aircraft in a row heading east through the window before they turned west to base. He was impressed and said that they didn't need to be that good going east, but only coming back west. He would give them kudos. Let the boys be boys, or perhaps girls be girls. As they say: Pardon our noise. . . it's the sound of freedom.
  2. Navy stunt in the sky

    I'm in the flight path for NAS Whidbey, and all that they seem to do to entertain me is rattle the windows.
  3. Next Democrat Nominee

    You think that there is perhaps another1460 days possible? I'm betting that there will be less than the 1172 orginally suggested.
  4. Next Democrat Nominee

    1172 days, 00 hours, 52 minutes, 23 seconds left.
  5. Next Democrat Nominee

    I'm sorry that he never ran for office, I have his book "Westward" about his sailing experiences on my coffee table. I see no one with an enlightened perspective that can provide us with someone of that stature, 1172 days, 22 hours, 03 minutes, 12 seconds left.
  6. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    A couple of days ago, I sent a link for this thread to NBC News and The Huffington Post, suggesting that there appears to be a bit of skepticism in the sailing community.
  7. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Scaling the height of the person just aft of the mast, and assuming a height of 5'-8", then the scaled overall length of the boat is 41'-2". Unfortunately there is no scaling information available for the shark(s).
  8. And You Wonder Why The Left Isn't Nice Anymore

    1192 Days left.
  9. Small dogs

    And never get in water colder than your age.
  10. Small dogs

    The bay is 52F, there was shrinkage involved.
  11. Small dogs

    Be very, very wary of small inbred cute white dogs. My neighbor has one that has had the life-force bred out of it. I was chest deep in water pushing out drift logs from my beach with a pike pole. The dog next door runs out on one of the logs and falls into the bay. She tries to climb up on the log three times, and then she stops trying, and begins to sink, the damn dog just quit trying? It takes me a couple of minutes to get to the dog, I reach into the water, grab the dog, shake it to life, and it runs back up the log, into her house and directly into her kennel, thinking that she almost died. Her owner thought that she must of done something really, really wrong by putting herself into time-out. Beware of small inbred cute white dogs!
  12. Mexicans in Cancun solve their local Nazi problem

    We've been going to a small fishing village in Mexico for many years. There was an old guy in the village that liked young girls, and he would beg, borrow, steal, and ultimately pay for them. As there is no police presence in the village, the community (allegedly) took action. There is a lagoon with 350 crocodiles behind his casa on the beach. Somehow the community determined that he was never coming back to his home and distributed his belongings throughout the community. You could ask: Whatever happened to the old guy. . . and there were blank stares. Bueno!
  13. Ted Nugent DTS?

    We went to a Billy Joel concert at the Hollywood Bowl. Billy Joel came onstage and his first words were: I have a throat issue and I'll be using a throat spray to help. Ted Nugent just did the same thing at his concert, but he was using Vodka. Billy then said: He should have sprayed it up his ass!
  14. More United Dumbphuckery

    I went to a presentation by the Alaska Airlines advertising guys about 30 years ago, they were amazing. We've have had great experiences with Alaska Airlines, their mileage program and benefits are typically rated the best and they have great partners. On the occasional mis-step I play the 30+ year mileage plan member and stockholder card with great success. I bought their stock just after 9-11 (mid $20) and it is now (mid $90).
  15. More United Dumbphuckery

    United’s stock falls 1.1%, wipes out $255 million off the airline’s market cap. I think that the CEO might be taken out to the woodshed?