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  1. view at the front

    Nautical names for dogs

    Fish bait
  2. view at the front

    Julia Roberts - now that’s a headline

    88 inches of fun!
  3. view at the front

    Radical White Wing Terrorists

    673DD 00HH 34MM 12SS, but who is counting?
  4. view at the front

    Does anyone name their icicles?

    I called the 4 foot long icicle hanging from the 2nd floor roof eave: Widow-Maker
  5. view at the front

    Anal Cleft?

    Should my plumber be included in this?
  6. I love NPR. A few years ago, while we were in a small fishing village on the west coast of Mexico, a friend was listening to This American Life with Ira Glass. He interviewed a former drug dealer who wanted to change his life, and began an organization that rescues and recovers missing and kidnapped people, mainly North Americans. Another family friend, indigenous Mexican, had a 20 year old daughter that disappeared. I e-mailed Ira, and eventually the former drug dealer, and he volunteered his time to come to Mexico to help us discover what happened. The police were doing nothing. In 36 hours he had discovered that she had been kidnapped, probably raped, and murdered, and who did it. We tracked the bad guy and his e-mail and cell phone for 2 years until her body was discovered. And then he disappeared as an arrest warrant was about to be issued. It took another 18 months for DNA results to confirm her identity. We lost the bad guy, but least there was some closure for the family. I love NPR.
  7. view at the front

    150,000 Gallons of Mount Gay Rum Burns Yesterday

    I'm more a lime and tonic guy. I've always tried to embrace them for their support of yachting events. . . but why did they change their bottle shape to oval bottles that do not fit in the round storage racks on most yachts? Apparently it was to get more shelf width exposure in bottle shops. It was a bad decision and we have now moved to other brands.
  8. view at the front

    Pukers United – For those that have

    We did the '80 Victoria to Maui yacht race. Our navigator was a NOAA commander and got us the NASA cures for motion sickness that were used by the astronauts. I don't remember the downers, but we used Dexedrine to bring us back up to function reasonably. I remember being hungry and thirsty during the ups and downs, it was a roller coaster. In the '82 Vic-Maui we used Scopolamine patches, which seemed to be a more reasonable approach. I usually do not have a problem, but on that race, we had some initial issues going out the strait in rough conditions, and then again 4 days later when the trade winds kicked in with a new motion. During the '96 Sydney-Hobart, my son was not feeling well and asked how best to discreetly puke over the side in seriously rough conditions. He apparently did not heed all of my advice, and when he puked some of his unpleasantness planted itself on my cheek, and I also lost it. I keep trying to teach him important things about the world.
  9. view at the front

    More fuckery from Bolton

    But wait. . . we won that war! It had been decades.
  10. view at the front

    10 mill$ poweryacht capsize during launch in Anacortes

    I have a friend that was hired to do engineering for Airbus. They had a problem with the rigid door frames creating cracks around the door openings on the A380 while the more flexible fuselage created the cracking issues. As I got on an A380 in Johannesburg I ran my fingers around the corners of the door opening. The flight attendants asked me what I was doing. . . and I said that I was just checking. . . they said that they actually knew what I was doing. We just smiled at each other and they acknowledged my concerns. All was well on my Emirates Business Class flight to Dubai.
  11. view at the front

    Ancestry DNA

    Apparently they have refined their analysis? I was surprised with the unsolicited update, and there was no request for more $$$.
  12. view at the front

    Ancestry DNA

    After much research, I discovered that grandfather deserted from the Russian army in Finland in 1898 (probably a good idea) changed his name and did not want his history known. He made it to England, then to Australia, where he fought in the Boar War in Southern Africa, before making it back to Australia, then San Francisco, and on the Alaska where he lived out his life. Several years ago, I did the Ancestry DNA study and found that I was 26% Finnish/NE Russian, 16% Scandinavian, 8% Eastern European, and 50% UK. I had expected a bit of Mongolian DNA? A few months ago they updated my results and I am now 38% Finnish, 26% Swedish, 2% Norwegian, and 34% UK. So the Vikings did make it to the UK
  13. view at the front

    American Is Killed by Bow and Arrow on Remote Indian Island

    I spent much of my time talking to church groups to help get assistance (even awareness) for the village with very limited success, and I agree that the Salvation Army was probably the worst. They wanted more from the residents than the residents were willing or able to commit to.
  14. view at the front

    American Is Killed by Bow and Arrow on Remote Indian Island

    Or the Calvinists in Hawaii and the South Pacific. I spent time as a community organizer in a Lakota Sioux village in South Dakota. The religious boarding schools of the past did horrific things to their culture.
  15. view at the front

    American Is Killed by Bow and Arrow on Remote Indian Island

    I had a Spanish/Dutch architect work for me, whose Argentine/Spanish husband was in charge of construction of the hull for BMW/O AC33 "Dogzilla" in Anacortes. They used my conference room for their first meetings with the French trimaran designers. She had never seen a slide-rule before, and was amazed what I could still actually do with it.