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  1. view at the front

    Goya Foods - Robert Unanue

    At my bi-weekly trip to the grocery store, I just noticed Goya foods for the first time. I almost went back to the car for a can of spray paint to "mark" his fine products.
  2. view at the front

    Random PicThread

    I did graphite on vellum in the late '60s and ink on mylar in the '70s - '90s, and then that computer graphics thing happened. I hired my AutoCAD instructor to bring me into the next century. I also hired a couple of well trained Spanish architects to continue my transformation into AutoCAD. One of those Spanish architects was married to the guy in charge of the hull construction of the BMW/Oracle Dogzilla build campaign for the AC boat built in Anacortes. She would bring carbon-fiber parts from the build and set in on my desk. . . guess what that is? They were doing amazing things. We were able to sneak into their construction facility in ninja clothing to witness the progress. Truly amazing things were happening there. They used my conference room to meet with the French catamaran/trimaran designers in the initial design process. . . secrecy was important, but they were the only guys in town with $400 backpacks.
  3. view at the front

    Random PicThread

    I'm a (retired) architect with a Fine Arts Degree. We used to draw things. That concept is foreign to the field now.
  4. view at the front

    Random PicThread

    He is also a favorite of mine. . . he sees things differently than I do.
  5. view at the front

    Random PicThread

    We had that same exact 1957 Dodge Sierra in those colors. Our car was filmed in Aberdeen, WA in a street scene for the movie "Ring of Fire". . . It's pretty unmistakable.
  6. view at the front

    Random PicThread

    Pelle Petterson
  7. view at the front

    Random PicThread

    I don't remember the specifics, but there was a guy and his wife from Vancouver that looked at potential nuclear fallout dispersion patterns around the world. They found that the Falkland Islands provided the most avoidance of that hazard. Unfortunately they sailed there just before the Falkland Islands war began. Timing is everything.
  8. view at the front

    Random PicThread

    I had one of those "computers" from ~1969 when I was trained as a Fallout Shelter Analyst for a summer job while in my architectural training. I chose instead to drive a Pepsi truck, for way more $$ and perhaps less fear? I did learn that Anacortes is potentially downwind from NAS Whidbey Island, the Trident submarine base, and several oil refineries. What's that flash?. . . bend over and kiss your ass goodbye.
  9. view at the front

    Random PicThread

    I had a 1971 P1800E that probably saved my life. I was forced into a concrete bulkhead head-on at 60mph by another driver on I-70 in the mountains of Colorado. . . he never stopped. My right foot broke off the brake pedal and needed to be pinned back together, the steering wheel in the line of impact came up and hit me in the face, with many stitches and reconstruction, and I had cracked ribs from the shoulder strap. I'm glad that the vehicle stuck to the bulkhead, as it was about 60 feet down to Clear Creek. The engine slid under the passenger compartment, the doors all opened and there was no broken glass. I loved that car, and had bought it as a repossessed vehicle for $3,800 in 1972, and it was totaled for $5,100. My orthopedic surgeon wanted me to buy his Porsche 911, but I bought a Volvo 145 station wagon instead.
  10. view at the front

    Kellyanne is back - and looking rougher than ever

    I wouldn't want to cum first with her?
  11. view at the front

    Rig tension gauge

    OK. . . where is her photo?
  12. view at the front

    After Truth: Disinformation and the Cost of Fake News

    John Prine: Hello in There?
  13. view at the front

    Indian Lives Matter Too

    The Haida from the NW BC coast in Canada, were amazing warriors, and would travel south into the US to capture slaves. Their captured slaves, often from the Lummi Tribe in NW Washington were used for paddlers. Their legs were sometimes cut off below the knees insuring their life work with no chance of escape.
  14. view at the front

    What's at your bird feeder?

    Is anyone missing a 10MM open end wrench? I found one impaled in the tread of my Jeep tire that created an immediate blow-out while traveling at 60 mph on the highway. The local Les Schwab Tire Store had the tire mounted on their wall for a while. I went to local auto parks stores and asked if anyone was looking to replace a 10MM wrench.
  15. view at the front


    Seattle Police have re-taken the East Precinct this morning. Removal of protestors from CHOP seems to be happening mostly peacefully.