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  1. weta27

    Trying to identify photographer

    It's called fluketography
  2. weta27

    Trying to identify photographer

    Think I'd rather go anonymous than be compared to that particular carbuncle on the national backside ... thanks!
  3. There is nowhere else quite like the SA AC forum - visit the Stars & Stripes thread to read about an Auckland fire, visit the INEOS TUK thread to read an argument about windsurfer hull shapes, visit the Luna Rossa thread to read about international flag etiquette and go just about anywhere to see shit-slinging over SailGP . Love it.
  4. weta27

    Trying to identify photographer

    Thanks to all on here who helped Gaastra find me, much appreciated, what a great little community we have here! I received the DM but hadn't spotted this thread. All sorted, I found I had a couple more photos of their boys as well. There will also be some Wetapics in upcoming issues of Jack Griffin's Cup Experience newsletter. Oh dear, I feel giddy with all this fame ..!
  5. weta27

    Team NZ

    Or can they get up on even lower (4-6?) using code zero, then replace with jib?
  6. weta27

    Team NZ

    I get the impression that the choreography involved in gybes and tacks is a little more complex than it was for the cats?? Getting those arms up and down and into the correct position through a turn - I'm guessing the timing is more critical than it was with boards. I think they are still quite a way off the control they had with Aotearoa just prior to Bermuda.
  7. weta27

    Team NZ

    I heard Te Aihe's song for the first time this evening, you can hear it in this video. Whistling with dinosaurs ...??
  8. weta27

    Team NZ

    They were way down the back at times, even further down than E course, and even from up North Head, outside my range for any useful detail. As mentioned above they were dragging back and forth with some very snappy-looking gybes and tacks at each end. Too far away to really tell how successful these were, but didn't appear to slow them down too much. Nice day to be up the hill anyway and I did get to chat with a guy who frequents this place, and later (around 6pm), with Richard G. who had his camera but was giving up as the light disappeared. I decided to hang around in case they foiled back in and was eventually rewarded with some shots as they came under North Head. The light was a bit iffy so have had to lighten these up quite a bit.
  9. weta27

    Team NZ

    Yes, that's her, stopped when I last saw her but I'm about to move to a closer spot. Perfect conditions
  10. weta27

    Team NZ

    Got her. Down the back paddock
  11. weta27

    Team NZ

    I give up! Has she gone back in?
  12. weta27

    AC Rugby

    A few Spark issues at our house. Four buffering hiccups and a short period of very low quality picture. Anyone else have problems? Go the mighty All Blacks!
  13. weta27

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    I agree, go easy on the Italians. Their idiot Emperor dragged them into a war they had no interest in fighting.
  14. weta27

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Very impressive! She looks the real deal in that pic