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  1. Team New Zealand reveal first details of 36th America's Cup http://www.nzherald.co.nz/sport/news/article.cfm?c_id=4&objectid=11892559 Team New Zealand have indicated they will strengthen the nationality rules for the America's Cup, confirming today the protocol will contain a "constructed in country" rule as well as a nationality requirement for the competing crews. But potential challengers will have to wait a couple more months to learn the full details of the next event, with Team New Zealand and challenger of record Luna Rossa announcing today the protocol for the event will be revealed in September.
  2. Thank you Sea Breeze!
  3. Guess they will be working on it right now ... party's over, confetti has been swept up, hangovers fading ... I'm just hoping that when the containers arrive, they unpack Aotearoa and take her out for a phat around the harbour! Definitely withdrawal symptoms at my place.
  4. +me
  5. Look forward to reading the "Kingpost" chapter!
  6. Obviously Pete had the handbrake on ...
  7. Guess who's coming down to give us some advice?
  8. Yeah would hate to see the AC50s discarded - either include them in the new class or use them for a new version of the ACWS, as a lead-in to the new class. JazzFreak, that was the AC45T, so sorry I have no idea what they were using back then.
  9. I take it all back! Especially don't want to be arguing with somebody who owns a gunboat ...
  10. I agree, the 2017 event was come and gone far too quickly, and I'm sure that sponsors in particular would support a return to a longer format.
  11. You're right (or maybe it's me that's left ), I don't mean to get political! I guess I'm just saying that we shouldn't expect particularly forward-thinking opinions in a publication that describes itself as America's "No. 1 Conservative" whatever .... However, it does raise the intriguing thought of what direction the Cup might take if it ever ends up back at the old-guard NYYC?
  12. You'd have to agree that the American brand of conservatism, as evidenced by the state of the White House, is blind to current reality, let alone to progress ...
  13. Proudly published by America's "No. 1 Conservative Magazine" ... ? (Is there any other culture in the world where 'conservative' is seen as something to be proud of?!) Yeah, I love those nostalgic ideas of poop decks, captains hats, aviator sunglasses, pipes and Lacoste shirts, but no I'm sorry, time marches on, and yes he's right, he's a fuddy-duddy ...
  14. Sorry I shouldn't have started that off again
  15. P .... see the link above