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  1. Holy crap! Here is where the "eat fish" that contains phosphorus comes from
  2. Thanks for your observations TL. Electric propulsion on the j88 (light displacement, limited drag) would work much better than on my heavier, modified full keel boat, especially in terms of speed per KW and therefore range. Light air performance is also very important because you can sail earlier and faster. AC powered battery charger would still be necessary to top up the batteries, unless one can afford LiFePo4 which can reach lower DOD and does not need to be brought back to 100%. I am assuming that in the near future that would be the standard. The J88 Oceanvolt has 4 Valence LiFeMgPO4 batteries of 12.8 vdc x 138 amp hrs which is definitely lightweight but has limited capacity (200ah would be much better). Another factor that limits the diffusion of electric propulsion is that non-liveaboard sailboat owners (the majority) generally seek multiple uses from their sailboat: occasional racing, weekend cruise, longer term holidays. In this scenario ICE is the most versatile choice to accomodate different needs. As you pointed out, electric propulsion forces you to sail, which is lovely at times and frustrating at others. We are extremely slow compared to other cruisers. We need better weather windows to get in and out of places, so we wait longer. If the wind is favorable we have to go even if we are enjoying a particular spot. While we basically have to sail all the times we notice that very few cruisers do, especially monohulls. We see more catamarans with the sails up, probably because they reach faster speeds. The rule seems to be "hull speed or nothing", which makes sense if you want to fill your days with a strict schedule. Yesterday it took us 8 hours to go 25 miles, because we were beating upwind the whole day, with few tacks to make the anchorage between rocks. We did snorkeling in the morning but we arrived at sunset and went to bed without having time to do much more. With a ICE we could have filled the day with more activities, but in the end it was a beautiful sailing day. This morning, while my wife was stowing stuff down below I raised the mainsail, pulled the anchor by hand and sailed away from the anchorage. Our neighbor had two people on deck and left under power, even though they had an inmast furling mainsail (or maybe because of that). I've never seen them raising a sail as they quickly distanced us under full steam. Wind was 8-12 kts. Even though it basically sounds like we are engineless it does still make a huge difference to have an electric inboard, than nothing at all. It is extremely helpful to set the anchor in light conditions and to retrieve it when it's windy or when we need to keep the boat in position. It is of course very helpful in close quarter maneuvering or to find your way in an unknown anchorage. It gets us in and out of inlets in the right circumstances, and make all our approaches extremely careful and thoughtful. The page from Sailing Uma is a very nice demonstration of how electric propulsion is extremely simple, and this is I think its great advantage. They seem to be very slow as well...
  3. Yep, cruising depression belongs to first world problems, and Self vs. Self struggle.
  4. It is a common theme. Commerce sells crappy flashy shallow goods, especially when it comes to art. If you look at pure sales (best sellers, blockbusters, youtube views), the shallower, easier, more pleasant wins. Quality sell less at a higher price because it finds a niche, or it doesn't survive the chipper. Sorry, I know this is simplistic and depressing but it's how I see cultural product in general... my own 2 cents of Venezuela Bolivar. Less than crap.
  5. A restoration is a good way to thoroughly inspect and test a boat and to do some customization. If you plan to live aboard or doing extensive cruising your time and money will come back in part in enjoyment and knowledge of your own vessel. Knowing weaknesses and strengths of your vessel because you did an extensive restoration generally increase the sense of safety, or the ability to fix future problems. If you plan to be on the boat for less than 183 days in a year I'd say don't bother. Unless you really love restorations. I've been restoring my boat for 4 years and still find surprises or things I didn't know about.
  6. I took some time to read through the several italian articles after the tragedy. I could isolate and translate the facts reported. The Bavaria 50 'Dipiù was berthed in Ravenna Marina. Before heading out to sea the marina staff and the broker warned them of the bad weather conditions. Owner and crew decided to leave anyway hoping to get ahead of the weather and sail SE towards Sicily (their final destination). The Bora has a N-NE component. The boat departed around 12.30-13.00. Particularly the broker who was in Ravenna and sold the boat to the owner could feel how bad the wind was gusting and he made another attempt to stop them calling the owner on the mobile phone and trying to convince him to head back into the Port Of Ravenna (Wide safe entrance with deep water, one of the most secure ports in the entire Adriatic). On the phone the owner confirmed that out there the seas were big and that he believed the severe weather would last another three or four hours. It is possible that they decided to try to go back inside in Rimini when they realized the conditions exceeded their ability to make ESE progress, or that heading back to Ravenna (upwind with the bora gusting 45/50 kts) was impossible. That part of the Italian coast is particularly dangerous with the Bora due to shallow waters that generates large breaking waves. This is the following day wind chart reported just to give an idea of a mild Bora event int the Adriatic Sea in respect to Rimini (wind direction, speeds). At that point the Bavaria calls the Marina di Rimini to request a berth. The news reporter noted that the skipper made a regular berth request, without any mention of emergency aboard. This means the engine was working and they believed to be "in control". The marina dispatched a RIB waiting inside the breakwater to escort them to the docks. Witnesses stated that the boat was too south (downwind) of the channel and too close to the coast when it became impossible to steer in the breaking waves. One breaker knocked down the boat putting the spreaders in the water. At that point it is believed that the engine died. It's not clear if the boat lost the rudder and the keel before hitting the breakwater, as in those waves a boat could hit bottom even in 10-15ft of depth. Waves height were reported by the Guardia Costiera at 15ft. The May Day came from the Port Autority which called the rescue when the accident happened, just after 16 hrs a little more than 3 hours after departure. The distance between the two ports is about 30nm. As it was reported the crew were not wearing life jackets nor tethered to the boat, so they were swept into the sea before the boat hit the breakwaters (all but one of the two survivors who was inside the boat). The authorities are investigating whose decision was to depart. They are also trying to establish if the engine (12 years old, 75 hp) died due to lack of maintenance or failure of components or if there was water ingress in the tanks and fuel lines due to the bad weather conditions. No news yet about findings from these investigations. Here are some of the original articles I used (some have pictures and videos): - http://www.saily.it/it/news/naufragio-rimini-due-morti-e-feriti - http://www.ilrestodelcarlino.it/rimini/cronaca/barca-scogli-naufragio-1.3052247 - http://www.larena.it/territori/città/naufragio-di-rimini-il-motore-al-centro-delle-indagini-1.5647037 - http://bologna.repubblica.it/cronaca/2017/04/21/news/naufragio_di_rimini_restituite_le_salme_alle_famiglie-163521344/?refresh_ce - http://www.ilrestodelcarlino.it/ravenna/cronaca/barca-scogli-1.3048836
  7. I guess it became an expectation for young sailors with youtube channels... where's the chick?
  8. I don't remember this guy making it on this thread but I found his cinematography absolutely beautiful. And the chick is stunning;
  9. A sailboat powered with electric propulsion
  10. https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/boa/6070714212.html
  11. It's a very forgiving boat, perfect to learn.
  12. Why bother when you have insurance, and most likely the owner is not onboard? It's not your stuff and if it so the insurance will give you money. Why caring about things?
  13. Any good boat around 30' would do. Doesn't have to be BEST. Good luck!
  14. Speaking of ancient technology... I have few questions for people who regularly use flooded Lead-Acid batteries. I post in this thread because it got a lot of competent people contributing about batteries. I unfortunately have a lot of flooded lead acid on my boat because of electrical propulsion, so I try to stay on top of my watering game to protect the investment. The lucky part is that I built the storage to easy access, so only my laziness sits between me and properly watered batteries. I did that in the past for smaller banks and found it very time consuming.... But since I got this set up (3 years of full time use) the batteries seems not to need very much water at all. Every time I go for a check I don't see any decreased level and not a single time I witnessed a dangerously low level, even after several months of neglect. I do add a little water just because I made the effort. I use one of the candy making squirt bottle and I barely go through the 12 oz of distilled water (most likely 8) when I have to water my 10 batteries. I probably check the batteries every 3 months. Now, I did notice that on the batteries I have this new (for me) caps. They call them gang-vent or master-vent in the Trojan 6 volts. The house bank has 2x12v size31 flooded ULTRAPOWER brand. The caps are little different but with the same idea, basically a chamber that connects all the cells where the vapor gets trapped and then leaks back through condensation. I don't know if it's the only reason but they see to reduce a lot the need for watering, at list compared to other banks I had before this. Here is the trojan cap: - If you have lead acid flooded battery how often do you check the water levels? - How often do you actually have to top them off?Do you know how much distilled water it takes? - Have you notice differences regarding ambient temperature and other variables that affect loss of water?