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  1. The last sentence in the above link gives me some hope: "A total of four teams have so far been confirmed for the Volvo Ocean Race 2017-18, with more to come in the next few weeks." Who will it be? and how many?
  2. What a beauty, congratulations! Looking forward to hear the rest of the story, and see some inside pics. How do you like the interior-layout?
  3. So, after all the discussions about male/female and what boat would be better / more extreme / more exciting... Back to the current race: any more info on which teams are confirmed, rumoured upon? So far confirmed are only AkzoNobel (NL), Dongfeng (France/China) and Mapfre (Spain)?
  4. Some pics of the Pogo 36 at Boat Dusseldorf and interview with Charly Fernbach here:
  5. Alex approaching:
  6. AT finish live - starting 0720UTC My guess is, that "Leadersecu" is the leading security boat accompanying HB
  7. Safran going out to meet ALC?
  8. Tack now? That would be almost straight upwind...and without a daggerboard/foil? No way....
  9. From the Vendee Site: The tracker will update hourly once the leader gets to within 100nm of the finish. More information on how to follow the finish of the Vendée Globe can be found here
  10. All the excitement, but: -Alex is still behind -and he will have to tack and sail the last bit to port. I'm sorry, but I see no way he will pass Armel other then breakage - which I hope it will effect no one. I take my had off for both of them for the great race.
  11. Forss and Hermann: thank you so much for bringing all these extras to the VG!
  12. There will be a test of the 36 in the next "Yacht" Magazine (in German)
  13. Indeed. Curious to see any photos of JPD going through the straight Decent waves yes - and no use of the foils in these conditions
  14. Thanks for the great effort! For the meantime: message on fb and twitter postet...