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Found 14 results

  1. Hi everyone. I live on Vancouver Island and am in my 60's but I'm fit. I'm 5'10" and 180lb. I had a Laser I in my late 30's and enjoyed the heck out of it. Had a cabin sailboat for awhile and, now retired, I'm wanting to get back into sailing. My budget won't allow me to keep a keelboat in a marina with all the associated costs, and I've considered kayaking, but my heart is really in sailing. It occurred to me recently that perhaps I'm not too old to singlehand a dinghy. I'm not interested in racing but would want to use the boat for fun in the harbour and for day trips with a lunch and thermos of coffee to nearby islands within a radius of perhaps 5 miles. Normal weather would be calm water up to 1-ft. chop and wind 5-12 knots or so. I'd keep it on the dinghy rack at a local marina and launch it from the dock. Therefore, the lighter the hull weight the better. I considered "beach camping" dinghies, like the Argie 15 and Chesapeake Skerry, but I don't really want a wood boat and this style of dinghy tends to be heavy and beamy. The Wayfarer and suchlike are too bulky; the 29er is probably way too challenging to learn at my age. Somewhere between those extremes in weight, bulk and manageability would be nice. Simple rigging would be nice; I don't need a trapeze. Affordability is a concern as well, especially since the first boat I buy might not be the ultimate one for me. I'd like to get something for approx. $3000 or less. I know I'm giving you a wide target to aim at, but do you have any recommendations? Would a Laser I be my best bet for starters? Is there another class boat that would work for me? Any online resources you'd recommend I read? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Own a Laser? Tempted by one of the new rigs from rival builders? Use a training sail from Intensity or Rooster? Worried about splintering the class? Fear not! The Prism Class Association has been firmed to welcome Lasers of all hues. If it has a Laser hull, any rig will do. We are a broad church.
  3. onepointfivethumbs

    Ideal Youth Sailing Progression?

    With both the football Orange Bowl and the real Orange Bowl going on, I got to thinking about Junior Sailing and how classes and programs have evolved since I went through more than a decade ago. Is it headed in the right direction? Are we using the right boats? Are we setting kids up for success whose names are not Melges or Cayard? In the U.S., kids usually start out in Optis at six or seven, and either outgrow the boat around 100lbs or age out at fifteen. High School sailing is almost exclusively done in Club 420's, and high school freshmen are 13-15, while seniors are 17-19. When I coached I tried to put together 250lb combined crews, and it seems like few 420 crews weigh more than 300lbs or less than about 230. College Sailing, with a few exceptions, is done in Club FJ's, Club 420's, and Lasers/Radials. CFJ's have a lower competitive crew weight than 420's, and the high end for Laser sailors in the U.S. seems to be about 185lbs unless you live in the Gorge. A slew of classes exist as the "trainers" or "junior equivalent" of Olympic and ISAF classes: e.g. the i420 is supposed to be the feeder for 470's, the 29er/29erXX is supposed to be the pipeline to 49er/49er FX, the Nacra 15 is supposed to be the trainer for the Nacra 17, etc. What is the entry point for a 12-year old Opti kid to go down the 29er track, or the i420 track? I remember outgrowing the Opti pretty quick and spent a couple summers in FJ's before I got my first Laser a few months before my 13th birthday, but I'm also bigger than the average bear. Laser 4.7's don't really exist in Detroit at least, so what should former Opti kids sail before they're at the 110-140lbs for the Radial? Should they sail 420's first? At what point do you pull them out of the 420 and into the Radial, or do you let them keep going down that path? How do you prevent kids from becoming "skipper-only" or "crew-only" dinghy sailors? In MISSA, there are half a dozen kids on the big teams who do great roll tacks and call wind shifts and are extremely helpful to their skippers, but for whatever reason won't touch the tiller unless they have to. I've seen this continue into college as well, how good a sailor is someone who started crewing on 420's in high school, and now is a college graduate with eight years of 420 crewing experience? With foiling and multihulls, what's the entry point into that pipeline? Seems like the UFO and the Waszp are targeted as entry-level/club-level foilers to get you into the game cheaper than a used Moth, but plenty of Mothies have never touched a Waszp. I'd think that a kid who knows how to trap and fly a kite would be able to adapt to the Nacra 15, so do you end up scalping kids from the 29er->49er pipeine to do that? Seems like there are lots of great boats coming along that kids could enjoy and which will endure as OD classes, like the RS Aero. Should clubs start buying Aeros and 5/7/9 rigs so both the newly liberated Opti kids can play with the post-Laser/pre-Finn size boys? What about asymmetric hiking dinghies like the RS Feva or the Topaz Vibe? The Bic O'pen was supposed to be a nice transition out of the Opti, but it doesn't seem to be going anywhere. What are kids sailing out of college? The Zim 15 was supposed to be the ticket for that, but besides for a promotional video and one race I haven't seen anything happen. How do you expose high school and college aged kids to the "real" classes that we sail, and keep them in the sport? When was the last time you saw anyone older than 22 in a 420?
  4. Alaris

    Looking for used Megabyte

    I don’t have a clue where to even look for one. Does anyone have a line on a used megabyte?
  5. As many know, San Francisco's Clipper Cove is threatened by a developer proposal to convert the heart of Clipper Cove into a private marina, a marina dedicated exclusively to boats running 40-80 feet in length (and they would demolish the existing small boat marina dedicated to craft running 16-36 feet). Worse the local planning board recently gave the plan a thumbs up. Fortunately a resolution to protect the Cove has been introduced to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors by Supervisor Jane Kim. The resolution doesn't stop marina redevelopment/expansion in the Cove. It just sets reasonable guidelines. The resolution has been endorsed by US Sailing, Save the Bay, San Francisco Bay Keeper, Friends of the Sailing Center, and many others. Supervisor Catherine Stefani, who represents the City's northern waterfront, home to much of the City's sailing community, is in a particularly good position to help. Please consider emailing Supervisor Stefani and ask her to co-sponsor the Clipper Cove planning resolution (#180331) to protect the Cove. You can reach her at Clipper Cove at Treasure Island is a local mecca for small boat sailing and home to the City's only community sailing center. In the words of US Sailing the proposed marina "would dramatically reduce public access to Clipper Cove and significantly diminish the public recreation and educations programs operated by the Treasure Island Sailing Center, particularly the Center's youth programs. Clipper Cove, widely recognized as one of the best small boating venues on the West Coast, would be significantly and permanently diminished." A City Hall hearing on the Clipper Cove resolution is scheduled for Monday April 30. Supervisor Stefani can help send a strong message to the hearing by co-sponsoring the resolution now. To ask her to co-sponsor the resolution now you can reach her at
  6. cwjones321

    Laser Performance?

    Does anyone know the most recent status of Laser Perf.? I'm finding it really hard to get parts and sails
  7. Connor.kainalu

    Out of Control Laser

    A few months ago, I was sailing my laser in about 18kn sustained and gusting 27, and planing on a broad reach going fairly quick (spray about the height of the gooseneck) I was at the point when the rudder gets super sensitive and turns you pretty far pretty quickly, when the bow bounced off a wave, and settled back in. A few seconds after, the rudder got super heavy (it wanted to head up) and then got really light right as I started to capsize. I have absolutely no clue what happened. Any ideas?
  8. Connor.kainalu

    Speed wrinkles?

    What the heck are these mystical "speed wrinkles" I keep hearing about? I've heard them mentioned applying to lasers, fj's, and 420's. How do they work?
  9. Hey Everyone, Our Laser Regatta in Westbrook CT at Duck Island Yacht Club is coming up on September 9th. Early registration ends tomorrow, so if you want to save ten clams, and get some free beer, sign up. Notice of Race and registration information are available at I will say that Long Island Sound in September is pretty spectacular. Warm water, good breeze, and a great crowd. Hope to see some folks from out of town!
  10. Hello, I was wondering about a part of the Laser class rules, regarding the Cunningham. When I bought my boat from the Previous Owner, it did not come with a full Cunningham, just a single long piece of line, and the double block with becket that attaches to the vang assembly for a Cunningham. Since I already have a full Outhaul, I don't want to buy a Cunningham/Outhaul kit, so I was thinking I would just buy some of the blocks and lines that are needed. In the Laser Class Rules, (found here: in Rule 3 e) i), it says : 'The cunningham system shall consist of a maximum three control lines, “Optional” blocks or loops for purchase with a maximum of 5 “Turning Points”' Because it says 'a maximum of three control lines', I was thinking that I would rig a cascade system as seen in the picture, with one line going from the becket block attached to the vang assembly, up through the eye in the tack of the sail for the Cunningham to a block, with a line coming up through the block, attached to another block, with the cleated line coming up through that block and down to the cleat. Because I haven't seen any other people at my club or any other do this, I'm not sure if it's legal, and just something nobody ever realized was legal, or if it is illegal and I'm just missing something. Thanks, Tom
  11. So I am a big fan of Dinghys such as the Laser Bahia, Sport 14 and Wayferer (and on occasion Redwings). I love the feel of racing through the waves in Boats bigger than Fevas and Topaz. We have a decent number of sailors in the Handicap when racing at my club. However occasionally I don't have a crew when I am supposed to go out. So my question is: Can you sail a Bahia well by yourself? (eg would furling the jib and maybe reefing work). (I do have a plan to singlehand one in a few days in 20knot winds, call me crazy but any useful suggestions would be appreciated)Thx -Note if anyone has experience in other boats that are roughly the same size, pls feel free to give me some advice.
  12. NC-LASER

    Show and tell!!

    Well I had to pull the plug on that last post for obvious reasons. So here is a picture of her partially rigged. That is a Rolly Tasker sail. Anyone any experience with the brand?
  13. Joelark81

    Best Laser Hiking Pants

    I am a junior laser sailor from North Cape Yacht Club in Western Lake Erie. I am in need of some new hiking pants and I'm not sure what to buy. I need them to have battons and suspenders, it would be great if they were 3/4 length too. If anyone can offer up advice to guide me in the right direction I would really appreciate it, thanks.
  14. I shot a short video of two Lasers (and one other dinghy) training in Lauttasaari, Helsinki, Finland: Temperature was around 4°C, and water is close to 0°C, as there is still some ice left. Related to this, one rudder was dropped and dived from freezing water: (not my video / post, but from the same training session).