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Found 17 results

  1. A while ago I re-did the mast and rigging including painting the thing in 2-pac International Perfection paint. I thought I was careful enough, but not so. I have some excess paint runs on the inside of the mast track where the sliders travel. The mast groove is "D" shaped with flat part aft. I am able to raise the main, but only with difficulty and using a winch when half way up. I have no doubt that it will eventually wear down enough for smooth raising and lowering, but I'd like to help it along if I can. I don't want to go in too heavy though as it is exposed aluminium inside for the most part. Anyone with any ideas on a fix for this stuff up? I have been told since to put an old rope inside the track while painting, but by the time I found this out, the mast was back in it's rightful place. Just thought I'd share in case anyone else is planning on doing the same thing. And another thing, the International (interlux) Perfection worked an absolute treat, tough as nails and flows out beautifully. Cheers
  2. JdP

    J80 gin pole

    Does anyone have a design/measurements for a J80 gin pole. I plan to cut an old mast as the pole. It seems that the gin pole should reach about two feet above the lower spreaders of the J80 mast. Any suggestions? Thank you
  3. Izzy

    Mast vegetation??

    New boat, it has vegetation or some kind of lichen on the standing rigging and a glob of something green and growing at the top of the mast. What is it and how do I get rid of it? The concern is that it is weakening the rigging - and it's gross. Boat lives in freshwater in Alabama - stuff grows here. I thought about using bleach, but again, probably not such a good idea on the wire rigging - Thx. I'll try to post some pics of it later.
  4. Ron Dejesus

    used mast for sale?

    Anyone know of a Vanguard Nomad 17 mast for sale? I know Seldon makes them, but I'm hoping to find a used one in good condition before I contact them.
  5. dorgan

    Too much mast bend?

    How much should a mast bend under no load? When does it become a problem? This is an older model Beneteau first 30 with a cascading backstay system. The mast is an Isomat NG-37. As you can see in the picture from the base of the mast, there is at least 100mm of bend when you hold the main halyard taut. When I loosen off the backstay the curvature in the mast does not change. So the mast has undergone some permanent deformation. When we're beating upwind with a few waves the mast does not appear to be flexing significantly. Shroud tension seems not to be either super tight or too loose. When going upwind, the leeward cap shrouds are less tight but still have enough tension not to go slack. Not really sure how this could have happened to the mast. It seems that the PO may have been playing around with the baby stay because it is still hanging there at the base of the mast. The bend is also causing the cap shrouds to rub against the aft part of their slot at the top of the mast. It has obviously been like this for a while as you can see from the galvanic corrosion. This might not be due to the mast bend and could possibly mean that the spreaders are not original. I'm still trying to piece together the mystery. Is a bend like this some kind of sign that there was an accident with the mast in the past? Is this amount of curvature just a disaster waiting to happen or is it pretty normal for older masts to take on a bit of bend? Maybe I should jury rig a checkstay around the spreaders and crank the mast back into shape, but maybe that could make the bend pop out the other way instead...
  6. Getting ready to mount some halyard clutches on a thickwalled (1962 vintage) Aluminum mast Self tapping, Sheet metal or Machine screws?
  7. lautenan

    Rig replacement on G&S 30

    Hi everyone, I recently took ownership of a G&S 30 named Slingshot. Some of you may know it as a sister ship to “Zoo 2” (I think). Anyhow the boat experienced an unscheduled rapid disassembly of the mast shortly after trading paint with another boat during a Thursday night race in south haven Michigan. The mast was broken in two places and does not appear to be salvageable with much confidence. So begins my search for a similar sized rig, or taller. I have heard that a Santana 35 rig may be close or even a Melges 32 rig if I am feeling sporty. Of course budget is a consideration here. I wanted to see if anyone has heard of some salvage boats wasting space or spare rigs making wives unhappy as they kill the appearance of a manicured backyard. If so I may be able to help relieve some angst by giving your orphaned mast a second chance on the big blue. Or feel free to offer some insight on what mast I should try to track down. Thank you in advanced for your help. P.S. this is my first SA posting
  8. swangtang

    NACRA I20 Mast Repair

    When hoisting the main on a NACRA I20 a repair at the batten got stuck on the sail feeder and pulled a section of the mast track off. Mast track is a small diameter rope glued into the mast groove. Sorry the pictures arn't great. Does anyone know how these carbon I20 masts were made? Whats the best resin to repair with, Polyester? Has anyone done this before? Any tricks to clamping the piece of track back into place so the resin can set? Thanks!
  9. LionessRacing

    Carbon Mast Upgrade: SFBay

    On the long term project list is a re-rigging and converting Lioness from a B-40 -1 to a B40 - 2 which involves a 4' taller spar. Last I looked into Carbon was about 10 yrs back and a lot seems to have evolved. What are the current best contenders for an approximately 50' spar and one half that size for the mizzen? Simple rig: single spreader, double lower, cap & intermediate shrouds currently, 20k lbs, 11.5' beam Pre-preg vs woven vs ?? Mandrel vs Mold? Modulus, angle of fiber? Finish choices? Get the boom with it as a system? Alum vs carbon spreader? Rigging pitfalls/recommendations? Antenna and wiring concerns?
  10. Carbon mast for Viper 640 Spinnaker Halyard Any best Practices? Difficult to install a backing plate internally. ? Anyone had experience with rivet nuts? Regular rivets?
  11. My aluminum mast broke yesterday in high winds. Going to make a new one. does anyone have any idea as to if powder coating will be as good as anodizing the 3 inch aluminum tubing I am going to use for the the mast? Thanks (turns out there are lots of places to get powder coating and only one in Florida for anodizing...down in Orlando)
  12. I am seriously considering building a performance cruising cat in the 45' range in the US and looking to find a partner to work with me on the spars. I have gotten some competitive quotes from Oz, and South Africa, but as shipping ain't cheap I want to check out the US as well. Haven't settled on rotating or fixed, understand a few of the trades in either direction. Anyone have any good recommendations? I strolled the old forums and found a few companies that no longer seem to be active. Rig will be in the 17.5m range, as well as a jib boom for a s/t jib. At this point I am just trying to find a good partner that may be interested in staying on if we find interest in building more than one boat and getting a rough handle on what to budget.
  13. mastsearcher

    Looking for J 33 mast

    We are looking for a J 33 mast. Used or new, we don't care, just want on so we can get back out and play.
  14. Our club has a lido 14 I am thinking of fixing up. It doesn't have a mast or boom. I found one but would need to ship it from Santa Monica to Eugene,OR. Is there a reasonable way to ship it? It's about 18' long.
  15. How exactly do the mainsail forces (the forward driving portions in particular) get transmitted to the vessel...primarily thru the mast or what piece(s) of rigging? and what share does piece of rigging each contribute? I don't pretend to be any kind of an expert in these engineering/computer structural analyses. I would just like to get a clearer picture of how the sails actually transmit their forces to the vessel; at what points, and in what path(s)?? I would imagine that we must first redefine the actual load paths that the forces of the sails use to transmit their power to the rigging. And then how and where do the rigging loads get transmitted to the vessel itself? (keep in mind that sail CLOTH can not transmit a pushing force)
  16. How exactly do the mainsail forces (the forward driving portions in particular) get transmitted to the vessel...primarily thru the mast or what piece(s) of rigging? and what share does piece of rigging each contribute? I don't pretend to be any kind of an expert in these engineering/computer structural analyses. I would just like to get a clearer picture of how the sails actually transmit their forces to the vessel; at what points, and in what path(s)?? I would imagine that we must first redefine the actual load paths that the forces of the sails use to transmit their power to the rigging. And then how and where do the rigging loads get transmitted to the vessel itself? (keep in mind that sail CLOTH can not transmit a pushing force)
  17. Bluesgod88

    Wooden Mast & rigging

    Hey all, I have a Mower-style Alpha Dory complete hull just need to get mast, spars, rigging and sails. Can anyone recommend a shop or shops in the Chicago area or even Southern Michigan area? This is an 18'6" boat that is most traditionally gaff rigged. Thanks all! BTW she's also for sale if somebody wants to finish they way they want it.