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  1. Halpthejalp

    Connect a gps to expedition

    I have expedition (on a toughbook), but was wondering how I would go about connect it to an external gps. I have a b&g gps and radar on deck which attaches to a chartplotter. can I use the same gps and run a wire to the computer, or should I buy a separate one? also do you guys have any suggestions for the model gps to buy?
  2. StretchedTuna

    J/109 Chartplotter Advice

    I need to upgrade the 10+ year old chart plotter on a recently acquired J/109. Wondering if other JBoaters in my bracket have some suggestions? I'm leaning toward B&G. Trying to keep the existing Raymarine autopilot which is NMEA 2000 compliant. I'm also planning on mounting the new 9" or larger unit it in the nav station and using a tablet as a repeater in the cockpit, at least for next season. If that is too annoying, I'd consider adding a second B&G at the helm. However, I don't love how those look on 109's, 105's etc.
  3. Weather4D 2.0 came up a week ago to replace Weather4D Pro, the French well known Weather and Routing app for iOS devices. In addition with Weather and Routing, Weather4D 2.0 provides a complete charting navigation app that support all raster charting available from the GeoGarage server: NOAA (USA), CHS (Canada), WLP (Bahamas), IHL (Brazil), SHN (Argentina), SHOM (France / DOM-TOM / Polynesia), UKHO (UK and dependencies), BSH (Germany), NLHO (Netherlands), AHS (Australia), LINZ (New Zealand). An English language tutorial is to download for free on iBook Store User Guide with 37 high resolution videos. Have a look on this entry in Navigation Mac weblog, may be you will enjoy! Francis
  4. Terry Hollis

    Ancient Polynesian Navigation

    The Polynesians located every habitable island in the Pacific Ocean about 1,000 years before the Europeans .. They had no charts and no writing but their methods have survived until this day. Ku Holo Mau On March 5th, 2007, Hokule'a and Alingano Maisu - two Hawaiian double hull voyaging canoes - departed Chuuk in the Federated States of Micronesia for the tiny island of Satawal - to honor Mau Piailug, our mentor in the art of non-instrument navigation. On Satawal, five Hawaiian navigators and eleven from Satawal, will be initited by Mau into the rank of Pwo - master navigator.
  5. Hello, In order to be able to capture data from our Hercules 2000 (B&G) navigation central we bought a mini-plex 3USB from shipModul. This is NMEA 0183 compliant and is supposed to allow us to output the Hercules data (wind, SOW, etc.) to the mini-plex then adrena. We are however struggling to so ... whereas our Ray Marine system do output through NMEA 2000 AIS and GPS data. Anybody that'd be have been throught process? if yes all the tips are extremely welcome Cheers, Franck
  6. I have had a lot of people ask me how to update their chart on their Navionics chip but when I ask them if they registered the chip when they purchased it they almost always say no. That totally sucks because if you register your chip within 30 days you get a whole year of updates for free. You can update your chart every day if you want to for a whole year (this feature is called Freshest Data). Then after the year is up it's a discounted rate to renew freshest data. Moral of the story? Be sure to register your Navionics chip when you purchase it so that you get free chart updates. For more information on how to register your chart check this out: And for a how to video on registering and updating your chip check out the video my friend Tyler did:
  7. We will be moving our new to us Downeaster 45 from Blaine, WA to Los Angeles in early August this year and I am beginning route planning for the trip.After doing some basic research here and in various books (e.g. World Cruising Routes), it seems as though we have two main options. Head out to sea then turn south or hug the coastline in case we need to pull into port (knowing that we would encounter more traffic, crab pots and sand bar entrances).I am leaning towards staying somewhere around 30nm off the coast and making as few stops as possible. I am really only planning on stopping in San Francisco so we can do a crew change, resupply and have family visit us mid-trip before continuing on to Los Angeles. Is this a reasonable approach? If so, does anyone have some suggested waypoints for navigating this passage?We plan on sailing Blaine to Port Angeles the first day, then continuing on when the tide and weather cooperate for a departure from the Strait of Juan De Fuca. We will have ~6 people on board for each segment of the trip. I would love to hear any suggestions on the route, waypoints or really anything else that may assist our voyage.
  8. Hi all, Asked this question a couple of years ago and might finally be getting around to implementing it. Thought I would see if anyone had come across anything new given how fast tech is moving. Looking at new electronics on our Farrier F25A trimaran. We will be using the boat for short handed coastal racing and cruising. Its a trailer boat and only 25ft so system needs to be reasonably lightweight, low power and cost effective. Ideally we would like displays for important numbers and integration with the nav / plotter. We are starting pretty much from scratch and looking for speed, depth, wind, giving us true wind direction. We also need a nav solution, either a plotter or tablet? We have used a laptop with charts loaded into open-cpn and then qt-vlm for routing before but have no chart table on board this time. We have a raymarine nmea 0183 tiller pilot to aid with manoeuvres and it would be nice to integrate it with the nav system. would be good to have a remote that can control the tillerpilot. I have seen the madmanmarine remotes. Would like displays in the cockpit with the ability to see the data when sat out on the Ama. Ideally good product support service in NZ and want it to last for a decent period of time. Thinking power from solar and a battery. We had been looking at the raymarine micronet stuff, but I'm not sure on this support as the models appear to have been around a long time now. Last time someone mentioned nexus stuff, but I believe they have been bought into Garmin? Also there is a NASA wireless wind system that seemed good value Open to all suggestions at this stage. cheers Dave

    Branning's Been Busy

    Badass navigator, Disney Morning Light alum, and active-duty rescue pilot Chris Branning has been busy working in his spare time on something very cool for anyone who relies on GRIB files to cruise or race. It's an app that provides a way to significantly increase the accuracy of your GRIBs, and hence significantly decrease your time on a passage or around a race course. It's all hieroglyphics to a handle and rope monkey like me, but the details are here. He's put together a page with useful links for navigators in Tuesday's St. Pete Havana Race and the Miami Havana Race in March over here. He invited people using expedition to drop him a line on Facebook (or probably also via the contact form on the Model Accuracy website) to learn about the system his team has created to make you a winning navigator.
  10. Hi, I posted about my plans a while ago ( and received some very good help so I wanted to try once more with a few more detailed questions, on taxes, clearances and charts: I've been having a look for boats on craigslist as advised and came across a claim from a lawyer that private sales must pay a 6% tax in Florida if not bought from a dealer. Is this true, this seams rather odd? My understanding is that as a German citizen I can buy a boat in the US but I can't register it with the USCG. Is it possible to register it with the state (Florida)? I was planning on coming back from Cuba and then hitting Key West. Now I've read all sorts of stories about problems, so alternativly I would go via Cancun. Is it best not to mention Cuba at all to the US authorities aka list last ports as DR, Jamica, Mexico, Key West when clearing in or is it ok as long as it is Jamaica, Cuba, Mexico, US? I've been shopping around for charts and I'll be getting the explorer charts for the Bahamas as they have been recommended to me. I also have OpenCPN with the NOAA charts for the US and have previously used the Navionics ipad app with which I've had pretty good experience in Europe. The paper charts I found on sale for the Carribbean, especially Cuba, Mexico Jamaica, were all extortionately expensive 25$ per page and last updated 2004 and did not contain small scale charts or any detail what so ever. I'm not sure what paper charts to get for these areas? Any recommendations? Does anyone in FL have some they could lend me for a small fee?
  11. golf78

    Avalon Router on Android

    A new version (V3.0) of Avalon Router Coastal is now available on Google Play. This version is free and includes AIS target and NMEA instrument display Good sailing, Phil
  12. teleboxAUT118

    Yachting Electronics from China?

    Hi guys, I know currently not the best time to ask for stuff that is not manufactured in the US. But as this is probably true for most naval electronics, I was wondering if there are some no name alternatives from China. I mean for all expensively branded shit like action cams, drones and whatsoever there is a reliable and well working Chinese alternative. Why not for yachting stuff? Given that Far East Yachts seem to work well, and that most of the fancy production stuff from McCon also comes from mainland China, why is there no navigation/wind/boatsspeed stuff coming from there? Or do I just miss something? Do I really need to pay 5 grant to get a WiFi wind transmitter, some server and displays or is there another alternative? Any recommendations, experiences or insults why I am a dumbfucker that is ruining the economy are warmly welcomed. Cheers
  13. What is the difference between the two TimeZero iPad apps in the AppStore: 1. MaxSea TimeZero Marine Navigation 2. Nobeltec TimeZero Marine Navigation? The interface looks difference and there are different opening sequences. What other differences are there and are the charts interchangeable between them? Thank you.
  14. Hello Anarchists, We at Coastwise Inc. recently completed a collaborative project with Google that captured 360 degree panoramic images of many of Seattle's most popular waterfront locations which allows them to be navigated via Google Street View just as you would a road or hiking trail. As this is a new and exciting way use Google to explore marine environments we felt you all might be uniquely interested in the content and the project. Our vision and hope is to expand this project to waterfront locations across the US and globe as we see a large number of applications for digitally navigable marine imagery. That said, we can't do that without the interest and support of communities like Sailing Anarchy as continued support for a project like this is contingent on people like you interacting with the content. Below is a list of links that will take you to the differing locations around Seattle that we document as well as a link to our website. Please explore the locations and when you’re done drop us a note via the contact tab on our webpage and tell us what you think. We're not just interested in hearing fuzzy praise, we want to know how you foresee the content being useful and also what needs to be done to make it better so don't be shy. And when your done, spread the word. The more feedback and traffic we get the better our chances are to sustain the project and refine it into something that is of most value to all of us that work, play and depend on the waters around us. Many thanks, Coastwise Inc. Alki Beach - Link Alki Point - Link Ballard Bridge - Link Coleman Dock Ferry Terminal - Link Duwamish Head - Link Duwamish Waterway - Link Elliot Bay - Link Elliot Bay Marina - Link Fremont Cut - Link Lake Union - Link Magnolia Bluff - Link Montlake Cut - Link Myrtle Edwards Park - Link Olympic Sculpture Park - Link Pier 91, Port of Seattle - Link Portage Bay - Link Salmon Bay - Link Seattle Waterfront - Link Shilshole Bay - Link
  15. Coastwise Inc.

    Sail Seattle Via Google Maps

    Hello Anarchists, We posted this previously under one of SA's non-sailing forums but wanted to include it here as we thought those of you who sail throughout the Pacific Northwest might be interested in our recent project to capture 360 degree panoramic images of Seattle's most popular waterfronts for Google Maps. With the project complete you can now navigate 19 different marine locations throughout Seattle via Google Street View just as you would a road or hiking trail. Our hope is to expand this project to waterfront locations across the US and globe as we see a large number of applications for digitally navigable marine imagery. That said, we can't do that without the interest and support of communities like Sailing Anarchy as continued support for a project like this is contingent on people like you interacting with the content. Below is a list of links that will take you to the differing waterfront locations around Seattle as well as a link to our website. Please explore the locations and when you’re done shoot us a response here or through the contact tab on our webpage and tell us what you think. We're specifically interested in knowing how you foresee the content being useful as well as what we should do to improve what we've captured so far. The more feedback and traffic we get the better our chances are to sustain the project which will allow us to refine it into something that is of most value to all of us that work, play and depend on that waters around us. Many thanks, Coastwise Inc. Alki Beach - Link Alki Point - Link Ballard Bridge - Link Coleman Dock Ferry Terminal - Link Duwamish Head - Link Duwamish Waterway - Link Elliot Bay - Link Elliot Bay Marina - Link Fremont Cut - Link Lake Union - Link Magnolia Bluff - Link Montlake Cut - Link Myrtle Edwards Park - Link Olympic Sculpture Park - Link Pier 91, Port of Seattle - Link Portage Bay - Link Salmon Bay - Link Seattle Waterfront - Link Shilshole Bay - Link
  16. kingpin

    Best hand bearing compass

    Hi, 1) I'm searching for the best hand bearing compass available for big boat sailing (40ft-60ft). What do the pros use? 2) Magnetic vs.true in the instrument system: Quite often on an up&down course the leeward gate is layed out while the fleet is on the first upwind. So there is no chance to ping in the gate. But the instrument system tells the course on the opposite track, so together with a hand bearing compass it's possible to determine the layline quite well. The instruemnt system can be set to "true" and "magnetic". I there any reason at all why it should be set to "true" when using a magnetic compass as described above?