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Found 24 results

  1. Forgive me if this has come up before - I have searched the forums and did not find anything relevant. I'm posted in Bangalore for another 5 months - I've seen the sea but not where the boats are. Would like to get on the water while I am here, and am not afraid to travel. Can anyone advise where/how I'd have the best luck (racing, chartering a boat for an afternoon, chartering for a weekend) of getting out on the water? Better to try Royal Madras or Royal Bombay and talk my way into dinghy racing? Is there such a thing as joining a crew for a race here? I've seen SOME charter companies that advertise online, but wondering if one is better than another and it is unclear if they are bareboat or not? I already know about houseboats and pangas - I'm looking for what I'd be more used to in the USA. Any local intel. on how it works around here before I start calling random numbers trying to explain what I'm trying to do would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Usual Suspect

    Needing good shoes

    Looking to pick up a new pair of good boat shoes for racing primarily. I often do a lot of bow work so good grip and lightweight is essential. Have mostly used Sperry in the past but anything I have is worn out. Suggestions from any other racers who tend to wear out gear?
  3. Maxx Baqustae

    2019 Southern Straits race

    The 51st Annual Southern Straits Classic - April 19-21, is approaching and it's later this year. The official info from WVYC is here: There is a FB page for the event: There is an ongoing discussion on the WVYC Racing FB page: And about 50 of entries already: There is two-day sport division too. Including Melges 24's etc. Who else is in?

    Jy15 Prpf racing

    Hello, wonderful members of this forum, I have a 1995 JY15 that has been genorously outfitted for racing, which leads me to my question. How competitive would it be against Cal 22s, Catalina 25s , C and C 25s, j22s, j24s, and (although they are much faster and unreasonable to beat in a Jy) Olson 30s. Also, what is a JY15’s Max speed, I sail in the Hudson River, so gusts over 25 are rare and speed runs have not been a possibility for me. Thanks, Nich

    Laser 2 vs JY15 Turbo Rig

    I own a 1995 JY15 Turbo Rig (Modified) and love it, I noticed that the JY15 has a Portsmouth Number of 91 and the Laser 2 has 92.5. My JY has a spinnaker, so it is faster than the number may suggest, so do you guys think it could beat a laser 2?
  6. 39th Annual Bay to Bay Trailable Yacht Race Saturday 4th May and Sunday 5th May 2019 Conducted by the Hervey Bay Sailing Club, Sponsored by the Hervey Bay Boat Club Trailable yachts are invited to sail from Snapper Creek Tin Can Inlet to the Urangan Boat Harbour Hervey Bay through the Tin Can Inlet, Tin Can Bay, Great Sandy Strait and into Hervey Bay with an overnight stopover in Garrys Anchorage between Fraser Island and Stewart Island including the largely unspoilt and truly spectacular Great Sandy Marine Park, the Great Sandy Strait Ramsar Wetland Area, the Fraser Island World Heritage Area and the Great Sandy National Park. For further details contact Race Officer Colin Verrall email or phone 0427 628 511 Please note the website needs some attention before registration will be ready – There is a message on the page which will change when the site is ready to accept registrations. Documents can be downloaded at:

    Top Speed in JY15

    Hi everyone, What is JY15 top speed, I am just curious. I have done 10 knots before according to my gps, but where I live, wind gusts are not high enough to max out a boat. thanks, Nich
  8. Adventures Of A Ginger

    Wet weather gear

    Hi all, The time has come for new wet weather gear and it has raised the difficult question: Smock VS Jacket I sail out of Sydney and mostly race offshore on a variety of boats (first 40, old TP and virtually anything I can get my hands on). Generally speaking I helm/trim main doing BWPS, Southport race and Hobart as well as round the cans. I thought I was set until a Musto rep suggested an MPX smock (with the rubber neck seal) & an MPX jacket as an option rather than HPX. Has anything tried something like this? Makes sense and gives me an option for more protection when on the rail, for virtually the same price as HPX but not sure on combining two outer layers. Appreciate opinions/experiences!
  9. Hey Everyone, I just finished coding an app for TOD racing calculations. You can calculate corrected times for several boats at once, save race/class results, and compare saved races/classes. I'd be grateful if you guys could download it and provide feedback either on here or through the Google Play listing with the email developer option. You can download it with this link: PHRF TOD Calculator or search for it on google play. Thanks!
  10. Or rather, why should I NOT buy one? I hope to be looking at one this week. Anyone have any experience about these? Apparently: They are not your uncle's Cal-39, but a newer, non-Lapworth design by Raymond Hunt. Sailboat data reports they are lighter, beamier, and have a slightly shorter LWL than the Cal-39-2/3 the planview sketch (completely unofficial) looks quite different They were maybe manufactured by O'Day, not Jensen Marine? That said, the interior looks quite nice, and if they sail like the old Cal-39s, and don't easily fall apart, my bank may have to prove they have the money they SAY they have been holding in my name. Any experience with these - or thoughts? Absent that, any free beer? Thanks, Kulokoo
  11. Top of the Gulf 2018 starts this Friday, April 27th. I'll be there in Platu class. Any other Anarchists joining? Regatta normal entries have certainly not grown since the previous year, however.... Announcement was recently made that they are including both Formula Kite and TT:R So another 40 or so competitors supposed to join. of the Gulf Regatta 2018 Email 3 180423&utm_content=Top of the Gulf Regatta 2018 Email 3 180423+CID_fdb2c50a7cbf63ab194578effc5104b2&utm_source=Email marketing&utm_term=Read More Any other decent-sized regattas including kites? I know there are some non-conventional ones that do, like Charleston Fort 2 Battery etc... but TOTG is a pretty conventional multiple-class regatta. This is the first 'conventional' regatta I've heard of including them.
  12. Viper 830 vs pocket rocket 22 vs melges 24 vs martin 243 vs martin 241: Where I race it's generally light conditons for 9/12 months but during the winter racing season it's 20+ knots. Any suggestions on a good all round sport boat that can race in both conditions.
  13. Can you ID this boat? A friend of mine came across it off of Honduras yesterday. No distress message. No inmarsat message to be on the look out. No debris. No growth on the hull.
  14. Hello everyone. My company once planned to get into competition and they bought ORMA 60 hulls and mast. As we changed our strategic plans, they are now for sale. Any ideas how to sell something so particular ? Amazon won't work They are based in the north of France.
  15. New to the area (sort of) and looking to make connections with racers. I have experience on F40s, sleds, sport boats, lots of bow work that. Have sailed Transpac, Cabo, lots of OD fleet racing and PHRF. Any help with introductions would be appreciated.
  16. Dacron Underwear

    Worldwide Solent Alternatives?

    I am just about to finish Uni, sailed in the solent always. The UK seems very keen to fuck itself, and everyone that lives here over. Now I need to start making a bug out plan..... Where can I go that has as much going on as this fine green stretch of water? I'm talking smallish to biggish keel boats, dinghies are everywhere. Nearby engineering industry is also ideal. Thoughts?
  17. lucdekeyser

    Bucket List

    Bucket List is listed as the latest Harryproa design from Denney. It looks like it brings together all what he believes in after all these years, no more, no less. Definitely, no more. With a single sail this may not be the best floater in very light winds but I guess that is the price for the simplicity in the other wind regimens that are more fun to me. If delivered as promised on the web site, the sacrifies in comfort may be well worth the advantages in speed and costs. Although there is a fuse to let go of the sail once it pitches or heels beyond a certain angle, has anybody experience with the proposed righting method of pushing the buoyant boom in the water? Thank you. PS: is there a way to shrink the picture?
  18. Does anyone have examples of installing a removable heavy duty cruising anchoring system in a J/35 or similar racer/cruiser? I'm looking for a system that can manage and store a 35 Bruce with at least 50' of heavy duty chain, possible adding a bow roller, anchor locker and Windlass that can be removed for racing. The J35 has a danforth anchor locker build into the starboard-mid section deck. I'm not a fan of the Danforth since it has a tendency to skip along the eel grass prevenlent in the PNW (and yes, I'm sensitive to eel grass destruction and will grab a buoy when available). My last boat was a Crown 34 which had a significant ground tackle system that consisted of a 35 lb Bruce, 110 ft Chain, Bow Roller an Lewmar horizontal windless. Needles to say, I slept very soundly at night even in high winds. I'd like to install a system with a similar comfort level but with ability to remove the extra bow weight for racing. Any suggestions? Installing a bow anchor locker Some sort of removable bow roller Using the vent port for storing anchor in bow Removable horizontal windlass dropping in exiting bow vent/ Some sort of anchor bag to secure on bow. Thanks
  19. readyjimm

    Just faired my keel

    I’m working on fairing my keel on my Santana 20. But some areas were taken down to bare fiberglass. So so my questions are: do I need to repaint the keel? Can I race with bare glass? (It is going to be dry sailed next year.) Should I paint it with a VC racing bottom?
  20. Leeward gates are becoming more and more common, and are already ubiquitous in most big regattas, but as far as I know race committee's don't have a best-practice for setting them, especially for asym boats and other fleets sailing hot angles downwind. Can anyone make suggestions on good resources or give their own two cents? I've always assumed 6-8 boat-lengths is a good standard, but in practice, that can be ~200 ft for a J/80 fleet. This seems very large and prone to error, and so I'm writing to ask on theory, but considering boats like A-cat's, 80's, Vipers, etc. Thanks, Niko
  21. Hi all The missus and me have both been doing a lot of dinghy and small keel boat racing in our youth, during our study years we've been limited to do some long distance racing in our 30 ft cruiser. We are now considering to buy a dedicated one design racer either j/70 or melges 24 to race with old friends, so here comes the question: How competitive is the older (90'ties and early 2000) melges 24's compared to the newer ones, only considering hull and maybe spars?
  22. GRAND DADDY'S AXE Freedom is a 40 year old 8.5 catamaran which has had some serious mods and upgrades over the years. Still capable of footing it with modern 8.5 cats this year we had an epic coastal classic with top speed of 20 knots plus. what an awesome race. full race video here
  23. Ok. Here is a shot story about my first offshore racing experience. It was difficult to choose race because of the standart long distance 600nm. A lot of people said that it's boring. Who knows if I don't like first 100nm how can I get out at last 500nm. That's right I will not be able. So I need smth shorter. Some research and I've got a link for "Offshore Challenge 2017" which was organized by Offshore racing club of Austria and Croatian sailing federation. The place was not so far. It was Adriatic sea. I have to fly app.4 hours. The distance was shorter and interesting. It was a half of the standart race. I mean 300 nm. Moreover it was a break for a day at the middle of the race. So, there are 2 rounds measured by 150 mn. We sailed from Biograd-na-more to Dubrovnik and then go back. The first round was exciting with fresh wind 15-20 knots blowing in our course. So we sailed broadreach or deadrun all the distance. Some times wind changed direction rapidly up to 30 degrees and it was nice practice of sttering with spinnaker. To the end of the race at last 4-5 nm all wind dissapeared because we get into the land shadow at night. So race became ordinary inshore distance. All the other story was awasome. The second distance was passed on a half and wind was ended at all. So how was good anyone we don't know by tracking system. But I suppose that such calm conditions make officers to cancel results of the second stage. Anyway, here is the second race of the Offshore Challenge 2017:
  24. RIGO

    Western Circuit Regatta

    So, Saturday marked the final day of the Western Circuit, steering the Rekerring Dream, Ker32. Pretty decent showing for inaugural regatta - 5/2/3/3/2/3 in a fleet of 9 well sailed boats. The Esses were harder to beat on the first (lighter), weekend but we had the measure of them last Sat. Bill Bremner's Foxy was on fine form- scoring a string of firsts with Sarab Singh's Windsikher only getting Bill once as far as I remember. It was nice to take a few races off Windsikher actually, since that boat (S40IRC) is moded for the light stuff and has 8ft more hull than us. Our starting was really good and we were getting there with the numbers up and down. Considering the level of the crew pre-regatta, I was pleased with the way we were turning corners, however that is the area where we can make the most improvement. Nice bunch of guys - Jon (Bow), Piffy (Mast), Sam (Pit), Nev / Zhen (Trim), Woody (Main), Me (Helm), Varney (Nav), although I was re-christened 'Krueger' by the end of the regatta because I was beasting them around the coarse! The biggest surprise for me was the after-sail, which was done really well. SMU were taking it really seriously, with excellent media coverage - masses of free piss and bands, dancing girls, prizes, auctions - you name it! Several banquets as well! Good effort Singapore - highly impressed!