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ICC Questions.

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This post is from a UK perspective. Specific questions in bold.


Is there a list of countries that *require* UK flagged visiting yachts to have an International Certificate of Competence for a conventional Sailing Yacht of 32 feet? I've searched high and low and apart from some French Inland Waters I can't find anywhere that actually requires an ICC. (The RYA web sites talks about places that 'accept' the ICC but that's not the same as saying 'require' IYSWIM and many of the Med countries they say 'accept' an ICC do not require one.)


Are there any nations that hand out ICCs without a practical test of any kind? As far as I can see Resolution 40 makes no solid requirement for a practical test. It says "the ability to apply this knowledge in practice" but many of the things specified are not tested in the UK ICC practical exam. (http://www.unece.org...C3-147-re1e.pdf) In the UK to get an ICC you need to do a practical test (or and RYA test) and renew for £40 every 5 years. I see no reason why there couldn't be a short online test which was renewed over a far greater period. 40 years? It would bring the cost down to pennies and the time down to 20 minutes or so. Is that prohibited by Resolution 40?


An ICC appears to be unavailable to under 16s. Does this mean there are places that have adopted Res 40 where a crew of people 15yo and under cannot sail a yacht?


Thanks in advance.

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