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OEM Accessories?

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In going through the newly acquired Tiger this weekend, I uncovered a basket filled with the following and i am not sure about them:

1. Lee clothes. they have two pockets with zippers each (but the pockets are so small they are almost un-usable, and they do fit into the track on the berths. There are no attachment points in the roof of the cabin - where have people attached the lines to hold these up? or are they just worthless?

2. What looks like a spin bag, that is made mostly out of mesh, with two zippers vertically installed about 6 inches apart and about 10 inches long. the canvas part of the bag looks just like the lee clothes fabric. Any ideas? Anybody using this?

3. One more bag, larger than the one in #2, that is solid canvas, just like the lee clothes, but in the upper rim there are two removable "bean bags" that look like sausages about 14 inch long and about 1 1/2 inches in diameter. Any ideas on this one?


When I looked at the FT website, under accessories, these were listed as optional items....



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You'll need at least 7 cupholders but that's a good start. Now you are ready to come to the North Americans in September, CYC in sunny Coronado, CA!

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