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Sol Rosenberg

Stand by your ground.

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That "poor foundation" was the intent of the law according to this article. Talking about the man who wound up being the catalyst for the law, it says this:


... made his decision in a heartbeat and feels he was justified. After reviewing the case for nearly four months, a prosecutor agreed and decided not to file charges against Workman. Lawmakers in Tallahassee seized on the Workman case as they considered the nation's first Stand Your Ground law. Rep. Dennis Baxley, co-sponsor of the law, said law-abiding people shouldn't have to wait months for prosecutors to rule a shooting in self-defense is justified.


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I agree with you Tom, but the only sticking point was I don't think he was actually IN the neighbor's driveway. I could be wrong, but it looked like he was on the sidewalk in front of the house - so technically a public easment. Still no justification for SYG based on the incident I witnessed on tape. That one to me seems a much clearer case of provocation than Zimmerman and I think in the end his own tape is going to hang him.



Told ya so.....

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