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Vincent DePillis

Sailing Culture near Rome?

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I am all for going on boats, being on the water and enjoying various nautical activities. Having said that, if you are going to Rome only for a week, there are a multitude of things to see and do besides making a trek to the distant waterfront. There is far to much of interest to see and do in Rome in only a week, especially when there isn't much to see at the sea. Why waste time going to the coast? Why not see what Rome has to offer? Seventy percent of the world is covered with water, there is only one Rome (well in Italy anyway). There are plenty of better places to enjoy the waterfront with far less attractions of the type Rome has to offer. (San Diego just to name one example.) Sheesh.


If you must venture away from the eternal city, Civitavecchia is the port for Rome. It is accessible by train from the main station in Rome. Beware of pickpockets around the main train station, the are is rotten with them. http://www.civitavecchia.net/ Just don't go there if one of those floating hotel/casino/restaurant/bordellos is in port, it will be ugly.


If you want to combine your lust for liquid with ancient history, Ostia Antica was the site of the port for ancient Rome. The city was abandoned, not destroyed and major excavation took place in modern times and the city is pretty well preserved and not too well visited. http://www.ostia-antica.org/ I think it would be a better trip than to Civitavecchia. Some of the ruins in Ostia Antica rival those of Pompeii without so many tourists and cheesy souvenirs. You can get to Ostia Antica by taking the subway to the Coliseum station and transferring to a train to Ostia Antica. I would say it is almost worth a day out of your week in Rome if you must go somewhere besides Rome. Remember go to Ostia Antica, not the city of Ostia which is nearby.

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