Welcome to the UASHO! (correctly pronouced "You Assho' ")   One positive aspect of the Urban Blight thread is that the ugly boat admirer closet door cracked open. I'm okay with ugly boats. It appears many of you are as well. Now, let's get this shit straight, there is a difference between UGLYboats and FUGLY boats. Ugly boats are boats with their heart in the right place, with skippers who sail the damn things. Fugly boats are just straight up WTF were they thinking? Either the owners, builders or NAs who drew them- take your pick.   So, no fugly boats here- just your favourite uglyboats.   Phil Bolger drew a shitload of uglyboats,     but they were ugly on purpose, with a method to his madness. Besides, the man also drew the chebacco,       ... it ain't like he didn't know how to draw a pretty boat.   So, whatcha got?