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Need help with car topping:laser and windsurfer

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Hey guy, has anyone ever car topped a laser (hull only) and a windsurfer? My car is big enough for the masts and sails to fit in, but how do I mound the board and boat?

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Hey guy, has anyone ever car topped a laser (hull only) and a windsurfer? My car is big enough for the masts and sails to fit in, but how do I mound the board and boat?


You may want to consider installing a roof rack by Thule or Yakima. I have a Formula board which is very wide and it has been working fine on a simple pair of cross bars. Now, when you add a laser hull, the beam is going to be as wide as the roof, depending on the car, which leaves only two options:


1) Get only the roof rack kit , sit the Laser and carefully sit the board on top (Upside down) with proper padding




2) Get the roof rack kit and had it retrofitted with welded posts sticking up where you can sit a second rack as close to the Laser hull as possible. This "second floor" should have some quick release pins.


On any case I don't think, you will find a "low drag/profile solution for both crafts on top.


Being a windsurfer myself, I would also consider keeping my Laser and having some Kite action.

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Here's how I would do it based on my experience with a Laser and Windsurfer on top of a Fiat 127!


Roof Bars

Buy a pair of roof bars wider than the car.

Pad the length and end of the bars with pipe insulation - tie it in place with gaffer tape

Install the bars on the roof of the car making sure they are properly secured



Put the Laser alongside the car on it's trolley with the stern of the Laser in the middle of the bars

Put some padding on the ground under the stern of the Laser

Raise the nose of the Laser until it's vertical

Swivel the Laser so that the deck is facing the car with you between the car and the boat

Lower the Laser so it's resting on the ends of your roof bars (preferably without being between the car and boat!)

Lift the stern of the Laser so that it rests on the bars

Swivel the boat round until it's lined up with the car so that the bow line can be tied to the bumper/grille without touching the bonnet.

Use webbing luggage ties to tie the boat to the roof bars

Tie your protest flag to the stern of the boat if it's longer than the car.



Tie all the spars together using the lines attached to them

Use bungee cords (or more of the lines) to attach the spars to the bars alongside the boat on the offiside of the car (less likely to catch pedestrians that way)



Depending on the shape of your board you could mount it on top or to the other side of the Laser

Take some of the spare pipe insulation (you did buy a few spares didn't you?) and lay it where the board is going to go.

Get some more webbing luggage ties and secure the board to the bars so that it's tight against the boat.


Securing the Boat to the car

Take the bow line and tie it to an anchor point at the front of the car (not something plastic) using a Trucker's Hitch,

Add another line to an anchor point at the rear of the car using the same knot

If you can, add another line from the inside the boat (e.g. the traveller or mainsheet) to the bars to stop the boat slipping forward (unless you're driving a racing car you're more likely to brake suddenly than accelerate fast).


Driving Tips

So save fuel, try to find a high vehicle (truck, van etc) that's travelling at the same speed as you and tuck in behind it - but with additional space between you and the vehicle so that you can stop with a heavy load.


Hope this helps

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Simpler - pull along side a dumpster... Pull out the chainsaw, cut the laser into 6 pieces and place in the dumpster. Keep the windsurfer, and for what you would pay for 2 seasons of Laser sails, go buy a Kite and a board...You won't regret it

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