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Steam Flyer

Mast Step Placement

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I have a Santana 23 with a deck that is slightly crunched around the mast step. When I started digging into it, I found that 1- it wasn't all that well-built in the first place and 2- a series of half-ass repairs have been made in that area and the mast step has been moved at least 3 times in the past 31 years.


I am laying new glass both over & under the area, and adding a strut to the front of the daggerboard trunk, so IMHO this will be the last time it ever needs repair -AND- it should be a lot stronger & more rigid than new.


Question- when I put the mast step back on, where will the optimim placement be? The tuning guide includes rake but no measurement for the mast butt (at least, not any of the 3 tuning guides I have for it)... however they suggest various things to minimize the strong weather helm these boats are known for (mine has never seemed that bad), and more rake generally improves pointing...


Should I put the mast step as far forward as is practical on the deck pad (slightly raised area under the mast step)? Obviously it should be centered athwartship. I can line it up so the aft face, or the midline, of the stick is in line with the double uppers, will it hurt anything if the mast is as much as an inch or maybe even 1 1/2 inches forward of this point?


I hate to sound stupid but to be honest, it did not occur to me that the mast step might have been moved before, now it looks like it wasn't even centered side-to-side.



FB- Doug

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