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Carter Kenehan

EDHEC Sailing Cup Brest, France

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Hello- I found myself agreeing to help in the US promote, gather some research, build a fb page for the French student organized 45th annual EDHEC Sailing Cup. It is a huge event in Europe and the students are hoping to get a few more US teams over there. About 200 boats and 1,000 sailors race.


I am a mom of a sailor only, sorry, and have a basic question.


Can some one tell me if I can call this - Off Shore Racing, or Coastal? Not Big Boat racing?


This year it is in Brest, France and there are two courses- one tactical the other looks off shore?


The Boats are Farr 30 (ex-MUMM 30), Grand Surprise, J/80, Open 5.7 and Longtze. It is also open to the monohull boats that belong to the French HN (National Handicap) racing classes with a rating included between 14 and 33.5 and with a Length Over All (LOA) included between 8 meters (about 26.25 feet) and 16 meters (about 52.5 feet).


Any help would be great! I hope this is an OK place to ask!


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As a very early competitor and later helping the kids to compete.

Here is what I can say.


I would call it coastal and inshore.

About 30 years ago they chose to make it a "wide audience" event, so no more hard-core offshore legs.

Because of this, some crews are so-so and under pressure from CG and such organizations, this put paid to long tough races and/or heavy-weather sailing.


Therefore, there is room for sailing the EDHEC in many different ways from "fun-sailing" to hard core racing which you may find in some of the OD classes.

This may be even more true in Brest which offers the choice of sheltered or non-sheltered courses.


One thing you must also know is that this is as much a fun event as a sailing-race, schools and universities entering more people in the "shore" events - which can (do) quickly turn into wild "spring break" style ;) - than in the sailing event.


A number of entrants also have "rotary" crews, if only to cover for the "out-of-order" crew-member on any morning.


I am sure you have looked at the race website but here it is: http://www.ccedhec.com/


The vids tell it all I think:

; much more on you-tube.


PS: while each school-uni has its own approach to the event and targets to be met, the usual way is to tell your mum (and/or sponsors) you are going racing and look forward to different fun ;) (unless mum and/or dad have taken part in their youth)

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