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OMG the APOCOLIPPS - Escondido High School locked down

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Escondido High School locked down


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ESCONDIDO, Calif. — Authorities locked down Escondido High School Thursday after someone reported seeing someone walk on campus with a gun, police said.

Someone reported seeing a male at the school with a BB gun, a police dispatcher told FOX 5. The dispatcher hung up without providing additional information.

FOX 5 has a crew on the way to Escondido. This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

Folks that's a FACKING BB-gun :o:o:o
Just get some goggles out of wood-shop
put em on, walk up to the Punk and BB gun whip him with it
& make him stay after skool ;)
No Light-up the skool with Burners and Full Auto Weapons
and then use this as a reason to ban guns :angry:

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This same thing happened at my kids school. A kid sent an email to the school claiming to have seen "a black guy with a mohawk, carrying a gun. " Three nearby schools were locked down for a day, cops and SWAT all over the place. The kid who gave the false alarm was eventually discovered and punished.


I mean, other than Mr. T, when have you ever seen a black guy with a mohawk?


Here is the story by the way.

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Get used to these stories.

What is the alternative action for the school managers??


We just had a situation near here where there was no gun, no such person at all, but the administration thought about the threat, considered options, and evacuated the campus.


The administrators spent the next few weeks being hammered on the media for taking too long to shut down the campus because "what if?"


The community choice has become, over react now for the sake of the kids.


I don't know how we will find a mechanism to back off from that policy

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Finals week?




I personalty can't wait


till some girl comes to skool or while inflight


removes her Bra and starts Lobbing Water-Balloons or Melons at Other's


It would be the only Good thing to come out of the PTA / TSA


That's RIGHT Take off that Bra and Let's be sure your Not Packin "Potential" launchable Missiles :rolleyes:


Before walking onto Campus or the Gate for your Flight ^_^

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I gotta tell ya, we are living in fucked-up times.


I volunteer at a local Intermediate School and teach Junior Achievement. This is in a small Northern Michigan community where we barely know how to lock our doors. When I went to the first class, I was surprised to see the school is always in a lock down mode. You have to be buzzed in. They also have a strict no weapons policy (no drugs, no whatever as well)


I wonder how this will protect the kids from a determined idiot. I assume the kids still play outside, I assume some still walk to school. I also assume anyone wanting to do serious harm will find the weakest link in the building. (For example, there are not bars on windows)


So....do door locks with buzzed in visitors give the staff a false sense of security? Probably. Is that potentially dangerous? Probably.

I don't know the answers......I'm just disturbed by some of the "solutions" and wonder what this will do to how kids mature in this environment. In my opinion, the idiots wanting to go out in a blaze of glory are choosing the "gun-free zones" knowing they will have time to do lots of damage. I'm not saying arm the kids I'm just sayin'.


Just my two cents, unadjusted for inflation.

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WELL ..............................................................................



Local News Teen arrested after Escondido school lock down

ESCONDIDO, Calif. — A 911 caller’s bogus claim about a gunman roaming Escondido High School Thursday prompted an hourlong lockdown of the campus and left a teenage boy under arrest on suspicion of reporting a false emergency.

A person who would not give his name made the emergency call about 10 a.m., according to police.




Students and staffers were kept in classrooms and offices while officers fanned out across the campus. Authorities gave an all-clear shortly after 11 a.m., and the school returned to normal operations, Capt. Michael Loarie said.

Detectives then began looking for the perpetrator.

“They developed leads and began to focus on a juvenile they believed was involved in the original call,” Loarie said. “It became apparent that there never was a man on the campus with a gun and that the original caller had made the story up.”

Investigators tracked down the 17-year-old suspect at his home and took him into custody shortly after 4 p.m., Loarie said.

The arrestee’s name was withheld because he is a minor.

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Read more: http://fox5sandiego.com/2013/05/09/teen-arrested-after-escondido-school-locked-down/#ixzz2SubQ58XY

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when I was a Kid


it was just an Idiot pulling the Fire Alarm Handel between classes


of course that was the only communication device in the place :o

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