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so this is my last try to ID this hull


I just bought a hobie holder 14

and this hull came with a 2 for1 deal on this unknown make of 12ft f/g sailing dink


the 12 ft boat has oar locks and is double molded [floor and tanks]

so it is not a one off


has dolphin painted on it may be a clue or not


I suspect it is not a racer or daysailor but a dink

as it is lite and narrow so eazy to haul on deck

and should be an eazy row boat with it's round bottom on the pinched stern

I always liked a bigger dink to row faster when we lived aboard at dinner key


and decent sailor with a mid teen ft mast with the standard 3 stays/chainplates ect


one odd thing is the mast step is a round pin kind of looks like a door stop

so the mast could rotate but is missing the shoe to match or the boom

so that is just a guess




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Try asking over on the forum associated with SailboatData.com. Randy seems quite good at identifying obscure boats.

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What is it? That's easy. It's a VOR 12. The Volvo behind it gave it away.

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