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Melissa Bachman shooting wildlife

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I don't object to the killing of a lion per se. I object to glorifying and exalting the killing of a lion for sport. I have no problem with my neighbor shooting crows. If he started wearing dead crows around his neck and doing weird victory dances, It would bother me. I don't object to eating meat. I would object to the slaughterhouse from which my meat comes releasing a video in which the workers laughed about killing the animals and ridiculed the noises the animals made when they died.


So as long as they don't enjoy themselves and don't tell anyone publicly about it, then it you are cool with it. They can do whatever they want, just don't shove it in our faces so we have to think about it, since it makes us uncomfortable. Are you sure that fits with the rest of your belief system, or is it possible there is a bit of inconsistency here?


I really don't see the inconsistency. Here's another (admittedly very loose) analogy. Something unfortunate happens to someone you really, really don't like -- let's say his kid gets killed by a drunk driver. You want to be happy about it? No business of mine. You want to rejoice in it? Also no business of mine. But if you want to write a letter to the editor saying how happy you are about it,, and publish a YouTube video of yourself dancing at the gates of the cemetery where the kid is buried, then I feel entirely reasonable in publicly calling you on it, even though your actions are not illegal.


>So you're basiclly saying that the poor black Chicago gang-bangers will never get a chance to hunt big game in Africa? Wow, how very 'progressive' of you.... :lol:


You still don't know nuthin' about fishing.



It is rare that any of us see our own hypocrisy, so you are in good company.

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Most people who do not hunt and especially those who are afraid of guns will never quite understand the importance of hunters. The deer population in Alabama has exploded due to the efforts hunters make to provide food and habitat for deer. Many other animals profit along the way.

Are you sure about that? Deer numbers in Scotland have increased dramatically because they are protected for hunting and because all their natural predators have been exterminated. The deer eat saplings which prevents natural forest regenerating. This is decidedly not positive for other wildlife. Whether it's the same in Alabama, I have no idea.

Positive. I have lived to actually see the results. Our season is one of the longest in the States. Deer season starts in early Nov. and ends at the end of Jan. During that time limits change but generally you are allowed one racked buck per day. In the early Seventies, when the season was much shorter and no does could be taken there were far fewer deer. Most hunters here (a large portion of the population) feed deer year round. Hunters have become very picky about what deer they shoot. I watch a small heard on a regular basis from my parent's kitchen. Years ago seeing even a single deer was exciting. As for the deforestation part, you simply have to experience our flora to understand. The deer are certainly not an issue as far as that is concerned. This year the season goes into Feb. Longer seasons are needed to control a population that is a real danger on the roads. Insurance companies have provided data to support the longer seasons. During the same time, the introduction of coyotes has devastated the wild turkey population. We have some of the strictest turkey laws in the States. That is primarily because turkey hunting has a tremendous amount of tradition and it is hard to adjust the environment to their favor.


As for the generalizations, yeah I don't really like that but it is very true. The people who hate guns, shooting and hunting the most tend to be those who are confined to an urban environment. Unless you spend time living in the South, gain a Southern accent and culture, then visit the North, you will never understand.

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Ultimately this boils down to exposure. Those who live an urban lifestyle really do not understand the rural life style. They are quick to call people hicks, or hillbillys yet they would not survive more than a day or so in the wilderness. They are afraid of guns because the only use of guns they see involves crime. They assume that they are all knowing and that everyone with a different view is wrong. Then they claim to be inclusive and diverse. Sad this.

The irony of making generalisations about others making generalisations doesn't occur to you?


I live in a rural area where people come and pay around US$1000 a day equivalent to shoot pheasant. Mostly, these are people with an "urban lifestyle" who can afford that kind of money.


I've friends who top up their income flushing our the birds ("beating") and providing gun dogs. They get paid for spending a day out in the woods with their dogs, which is what they like to do anyway. Sounds good to me. The woods have economic value because of shooting. Otherwise they'd have been cut down to provide farmland. Woodland provides habitat for wildlife. That also sounds good to me.


Pheasant are very pretty, very stupid birds which are easy for the semi-skilled to shoot. They are also good eating if you don't mind the odd pellet. Generally the shoots kill more birds than they know what to do with and most of us around here eat cheap or free pheasant in the shooting season. Since there isn't much demand for meat that may contain shot, some shoots dig pits into which excess pheasant are dumped.


Which brings us back to the point. I don't approve of killing animals for amusement and I don't share the reluctance of some here to call it immoral. On the other hand killing it and eating it is what carnivores like us do and a pheasant has a better life than a battery chicken.

Very different cultures.

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