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2015 Naish Pivot - Initial Impressions

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Purchased the kite from a retailer in the OBX that isn't a sponsor, but suffice it to say I got a great deal buying 2 kites and a control bar at once as a package. I chose a 12m Naish Pivot and 15m Naish Fly, as well as the universal control bar.


The kite comes with some good instructions and a patch kit, ready to fly out of the box. Construction is robust, and even though it's a light kite it seems solid and sturdy. The adjustment points and tuning knots are intuitive and have a multitude of settings you can play around with since the lines themselves have tuning knots down by the control bar to affect depower stroke.


The kite pumps up VERY quickly and I didn't have any problems holding pressure throughout my session. My one gripe is that kite manufacturers are still playing this "prioprietary pump valve" game to make you buy their pumps; my Cabrinha pump didn't work and I had to jury rig it to get proper inflation. Not impossible, but I will need to figure this out before long by either finding an attachment or buying a new pump.


The control bar is super easy to use, with a below the bar sheeting system that is very comfortable for someone who sails dinghies, just a single jam cleat next to the chicken loop. The kite self-launches like a dream without a ton of rip your arms off pull once headed skyward. I was kiting in about 14-19 knots of breeze, very puffy and choppy, but upwind ability was great. The simplest way to describe this kite is just to verify that the marketing materials available on Naish's site are accurate. It turns on a dime, doesn't generate an overpower situation when you down loop it in turns, drifts along great either at a 45* or directly overhead when you catch a wave, and has a nice steady sheet in and go feeling to it.


The control bar is nice for me, I'm a smaller guy (160lbs wet) and it fits great in my hands. There is a TON of tunability once the kite is airborne via the depower, and since I'm not the best at switch stance edge control, this was invaluable at getting body posture perfect so I could cruise upwind and away from the beach since it was mostly onshore throughout the session and very choppy beach break.


I didn't do any real boosting, but did get a nice lift a couple of times when I held the control bar back against the chicken loop and edged upwind. The hallmark of this kite is that it flies and produces power when, where, and how you want and expect it to. There are very few surprises in the dynamics of how it flies and it honestly relaunches better than my 5 strut Cabrinha during a crash in the surf.


I'm very happy with this kite/bar combo, this is my new workhorse kite. Review of the Fly once it gets here, expecting another week since it's shipping from the Naish warehouse in WA state.



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