I'm restoring a 1967 Lightning that has a pair of transom flaps installed. They are transparent acrylic hinged on a piece of rubber and held closed via shock-cord. While they are functional, they are a bit hacked together and when I get the hull paint job finished, their "character" is going to make them look like warts. From what I've picked up from other Lightning sailors, the flaps are nice to have, so I probably want to keep them. I have ZERO experience sailing these boats, so at this point I'm going purely on advice.   I'd like to replace them with either something commercially available, or something I can DIY and end up with a (reasonably) lasting, functional, nicely finished product. In searching for flaps, I'm finding very little, and a lot of references to securing plastic with tape. I'm sure it works, but I was hoping for not putting tape on my freshly painted / restored hull. Seems like a lot of dinghys use these things, so I'm surprised to find so little.   Has anyone found a well made set available from a retailer, or found a write-up on good self-made design I can use?   Thanks!