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Corsair Pulse 600

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On 3/13/2018 at 10:52 AM, pater001 said:

I am considering buying a slightly used pulse 600 from South Florida. I am looking for a co-owner or a group to make this a boat club for occasional use on the coast of North Carolina. any interests let me know. Have owned 2 corsair F24s in past and loved them--just too much boat than needed.

As a former F24 owner, I had the same needs but decided to downsize to a SeaRail19 instead of another Corsair.  I liked the looks and price.  I've been sailing it since September and other than taking a little longer to setup than the F242, the performance is better and a dream to single hand (self tacking jib).  I'm sure the Pulse is a great boat too and a used one might be more reasonably priced...but thought I'd let you know that there is another alternative.

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