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On 3/13/2018 at 10:52 AM, pater001 said:

I am considering buying a slightly used pulse 600 from South Florida. I am looking for a co-owner or a group to make this a boat club for occasional use on the coast of North Carolina. any interests let me know. Have owned 2 corsair F24s in past and loved them--just too much boat than needed.

As a former F24 owner, I had the same needs but decided to downsize to a SeaRail19 instead of another Corsair.  I liked the looks and price.  I've been sailing it since September and other than taking a little longer to setup than the F242, the performance is better and a dream to single hand (self tacking jib).  I'm sure the Pulse is a great boat too and a used one might be more reasonably priced...but thought I'd let you know that there is another alternative.

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On 6/1/2018 at 2:35 AM, Chidz said:

Hey Mad Horsey man, my Sprint is still waiting for a kindly new owner ...

Just put my 08 Sprint 750 in the ads here (paid ads, of course!)...I love it to death, but have too many houses and other possessions and responsibilities so  have to downsize....heaven forbid, I may even have to get a little monohull....

Not trying to steal your Aussie sales, of course - being as we'd have to drill a hole straight thru the earth from New England (RI) to get there quickly...

Maybe a Pulse or Searail is in my future - at least I will be able to tow it when hurricane season hits, etc (this boat is too heavy for my cars)...



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Hi All

I recently purchased a pulse 600 and have a few queries on rigging which don't appear to be in the manual. any help greatly appreciated


how tight should you do up the beam bolts, is there a torque setting?


between the compression pads and the hull meeting point should there be any gap assuming not?


how much shroud tension should be on when unfolded? when we rigged the boat last night and put the tension on the shrouds so the mast didn't flop around, we were unable to fold up the outriggers. we loosed the shrouds a certain amount, however the ream folding mechanism on the beams would not fold up and the outriggers were being pulled forward by the shrouds. we had to loosen the shrouds a lot before the outriggers could fold in. Will we have to leave the shrouds loose and then tighten up when unfolded for sailing?


we are planning to leave the boat on a dry dock in a marina. given the above we are a bit worried the mast will flop around even with the additional support wires rigged. when its windy the outriggers will also end up being pulled or forwards and backward putting pressure on the folding mechanism, is there any other attachment we can secure either the main halyard or kite halyard to on the boat to stop the rig flopping one side to the other?


can a code zero sail be used and if so which attachment on the bow prodder do we use for it as there are two. have you got the dimensions for such a sail and do we need to fit a bobstay from the bow eye to the bottom of the prodder to avoid it bending/snapping?


thanks all

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I have recently bought ba con rong and have found some of these answers watching utube videos

My thought to fold outriggers mast up would be push the boom out to 1 side on the curved track use the topping rope and main sheet to release some tension to 1 shroud and fold

repeat other side, might work...dont pull the track of the deck I did the beam bolts up quite firm and could feel when they were i dont think you need to do them up as tight as a car

wheel nut...my compression pads did have some gaps but were still as close as possible and pressed firm to other areas i dont think you can squeeze them flat all over... remember

being a folding tri there will always be some movement no matter how tight you tension...the diagonal distance from the port stern out rigger to the starboard bow outrigger is over

7.5 metres!!!!  Keep that quiet otherwise if you store unfolded at your club i can guarantee at least 2 comittee members will want more of your money even if you give relentlessly to

the club... 

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