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WISSA 2015 on Lk Winnebago, Fond du Lac, WI-2/9-14 2015

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I learned how to ski first (age 5 yrs) then sail (40's) now kiteskiing on frozen lakes (51+). Also learning kiteboarding in Mexico. I will say that liquid water is a lot nicer to crash into than stiff (frozen) water. It really really helps if you either know sailing instinctively or skiing instinctively. Either one, but have one of them down cold, where you don't have to think about it. Then you can focus on the other. Practice with the training kite and you standing still until you have the concepts of wind and apparent wind down cold. Here, the wind is gusty and frequently changes direction (mountains). I have also mostly learned how to fly foils, which I now understand is a steep learning curve. Ah, acquired wisdom. I would recommend warm layered clothes and helmet and padding for the hips/tail bone. I haven't wiped out that much with the elbows and wrist. For saying that, I am now cursed with some plaster in the not-too-distant future. I would strongly endorse lessons and a lot of lessons. However, if you are sort of inclined towards adrenaline, you haven't experienced it until you try kiteskiing. Or, as a good friend of mine said after my second day out complete with thrills, chills and spills; "Welcome to the sickness".

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