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How to ignore someone - a tutorial

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it has come to the Mods attention that several people are getting their feelings hurt by other members posts and we get inundated by requests to censor people for foul language or unruly behavior. given that this is "Sailing Anarchy" and there are very few rules here, having your feelings or sensitivities hurt is not grounds to remove posts or throw people out.

however, there is an easy solution for you. you can ignore their posts. you may ask yourself "How do I do this?"


its simple


1. click on your name at the top right hand corner of the board see pic 1




2. click on ignore preferences on the left. once that new window comes up, then type in the offenders name. check what you want to ignore. Then click save



3. then this window will come up and your done. note, in the upper left of that final window there is a feature where you can turn off all of those long annoying signatures for the entire board. or if there is only one or two peoples sigs who annoy you, you can add then to the ignore list but just check the signature box only and allow posts and messages to still come through




now you know


SA ignore 1.png

SA ignore 2.png

SA ignore 3.png

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This topic is now closed to further replies.