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Doug Lord

14' Stunt S9 Foiling Cat

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I never understood how one could be struck by a rudder on a foiler - didn't make sense to me - until yesterday.

Good wind for a change - 18 with gusts to 25.

Trap line knot came loose - dumbass knot tie er.

Seems like slow motion:  great upwind speed, on the wire, then bang!  falling down, kept the sheet, watching loose trap line fly to leeward, hull climbing over me while I hit the water, rudder got me on the life jacket, then a quick stop with the boat on it's side.

Bent the rudder rake adjustment bar.  No other damage to me or the boat.  Lucky.

This was 2 minutes into the race - glad I wore the full wet suit. 

Thrill of foiling still very exciting - seems surreal - glad I started this.

Repairs on the double-crunched boat start anew this week.

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This is also just a guess: If the boat is allowed to slow down too much prior to the gybe, the apparent wind angle can change quite a bit. Having more twist ensures that at least part of the sail will be trimmed properly, in that case.

Of course, it's better to maintain as much speed as possible during the gybe to keep the apparent wind forward. If that is done, the boom does not come across violently; it's more like a tack in light-air.

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Thank you monochrome and Doug Halsey.  Michele confirmed this morning that the jib's effect on the bottom part of the sail allows a tighter traveler setting downwind, and the slack(er) mainsheet results in more twist.  Result is that some of the main is always drawing during a gybe and an earlier "flop" on the main.  Vicenzo has it pretty well dialed in - we'll try it here when we can.  Seems that this would also apply to the Whisper.  Martin?

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I haven't tried for foiling gybes yet. So far I've been perfecting light wind foiling, mostly on reaches, and fun rides with friends and visitors. (Foiling with my mother in law > gybes).

I'll need a pretty "on" crew to pull it off, I think. In part because downwind the balance/stability mode of the boat is different and I don't have it dialled in yet. 

An extra variable is the kite. Moves center of pressure very high, balance is challenging, specially sailing deep. 

In theory, I'd try for a pretty twisted mainsail, so some of the sail is working all the time through the apparent wind changes.

Also of note - in light conditions I get foiling with less twist and much smaller mainsheet adjustment. More of the sail working when trimmed just right.

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