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Cleaning the Water and Building New Housing in RIO

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Contractors working with local builders are filtering out fecal matter from the waters of RIO


it's then poured into massive sludge ponds (not unlike where it was) to dry out to 15% moisture content


then the clay like sludge is packed into a patented device and pressed into blocks




the blocks are left to fully dry in the sun




Then they are being used to build New Housing for Olympic Athletes as well as Guests expected to be in the hundreds


The first Athletes to occupy one of the New Housing units threw a Massive party


Breaking all the furniture and fixtures


There was No structural damage to the Building


in fact No cosmetic damage could be found to the building itself, tho the contents were demolished


The Athletes commented on the amazing Quality of construction


and the resilience in withstanding what normally would have leveled Athletes Housing


the comments were all positive


Admittedly this is Not a green Process but it Is self-sustaining as an endless supply of material exists locally


When asking about the quality of construction used,


The description given was



It's Built like a ShitBrick House :o

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