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The leather bag was hard to access if you didn't know it was there.  it was also stained with mud on the lower half.  Just because there is a rule does not mean these guys followed it to the letter!  The leather bag (nor any bow ballast)  was not noted on the cert.

The transmission was, indeed OEM with the boat.  When we picked it up the floorboards were so soaked with oil from prior episodes that we trashed them and had new ones made.  When we diagnosed the problem as incorrect O rings one of the old crew was incredulous that the problem was with a $2.00 item.  Took us a few times experiencing the joy of hand scrubbing lead bricks in the bilge to figure that one out

The rheostats were INTENTIONALLY wired to the nav lights, to slowly fool others that you were sailing away from them.

As for the keel, we later heard it was poured that way to save money.  I know about his earlier attempt to pour his own.  Pretty funny.

There was also no door on the head compartment, Tom Blackaller having famously tossing it overboard in the SORC

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