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Sydney Super 30s - Who's in?

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First race is just a couple of weeks off. A few of the usual suspects still to enter. Assume youse'll all be there...


Maxstar - Melges 32 ?

Jet - JS9000 ?

Flying Brandy - FT10 ?

Bullet - Bull 9000 ?

Krakatoa - Young 31 ?

Likalizard - Mount Gay 30 ?

Matagi - MBD35 ?

Troppo - Elliot 7.8 ?

Monkey Business - Shaw 650 ?




And I have it on good authority that Saudade (MC31) is now ready to join the fray so we eagerly await Andrew's entry. Would also be good to see the FE28r Wildling 2 come along and enjoy its natural home (Conrad?). Bedicked Farr 30, Skeeter (Sandor?). FT10 Hitchhike (Trevor?)... Others?


See you on the water.




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Now that Chris has gone, what's happened to Tasty?

I'm confident Very Tasty will not only be out there, it will be honouring Chris by staying up the front. He spent his last months making sure he provided a competitive boat for his crew to continue to race. They'll be doing him proud.

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