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Kalifornia, Nannies

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I went to the store last week and everything was normal.


Today I hit the store cause I'm baking and need a few things for din din.


WTF .10 per bag and 2 of them have slits in them from packaging when I got home.


I've thought about buying some of the reusable bags but they are not designed for wheelchairs. The handles are on the sides instead of the ends and the handles are too long, the fucking things drag.


I do not think the Nannies that wrote the law took the different sizes of wheel chairs into account. Some are wide, some are narrow, some are tall and some are short...................It's a lot like people except different.


The real kicker is, the checker behind me, turned around and everyone near could hear,

she said "How are you paying for this?"

I said "Money"

she said "Oh if you were using food stamps, the bags are free."


Holy fucking shit. Get on Govt assistance and you get everything for free.


FUCKING KALIFORNIA..........................liberal shit taking the state right down the drain.


I'm gonna contact a friend, attorney, and see if he wants to suck some $$$$$ out of the liberal bullshit nannies of CA with and ADA lawsuit. After all, there is no Government Specs for a Wheelchair Grocery Bag.

This could get totally stupid. I can't wait to see the liberal specs for a wheelchair capable grocery bag.


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Worked with a guy in a chair for a few years. Always telling him when he had a smudge on his face from wheel to hand to face. He appreciated that.


Anyway one day we had a few beers on a Friday afternoon, back when that was cool. We had a few stairs at the front of the building and when it came time to leave we assembled to get him down them. Short of it is that he got away from us and crashed down the stairs, ran over me on the way.


When we recovered ourselves and got him back in the chair he said "fucking pussies, I've been dropped way harder than that!"

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