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James Chilman

Home Built Boats

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There used to be heaps of threads on people building their own boats. Either Leech's, Shaws, Stealth's, GP26's and their own designs, or people modifying old skiff or other boats.


Is anybody doing it anymore???


I can only really think of one boat being built ATM any it's on facebook not anarchy.


Some random questions, can you strip plank sections of a ply hull with ply and glass it the same as you would cedar, while using flattish panels of ply elsewhere?


How much carbon would you need on a 2m keel (cedar core) with a 200kg bulb on the bottom?


How do you go about getting insurance on a home built boat to your own plans?




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Why do you want to?


Nobody's building boats because you can get tons of them for penny's on the dollar these days. And that's rating labor at $0.

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There are a fair number of i550's being built currently. But more to the OP's question of why are the home build thread counts down? I think it a cyclic phenomenon of Sport Boats being the new (10 years ago) exciting thing and ambitious home builders not wanting to wait for the same old, same old

designs. Many good new boats were built. Some became production boats.

The cost of a used boat is fractions of new so some turnover is normal in the first couple years. Then turnover rate increases as people leave classes for any number of reasons. The number of boats available satisfies demand. Every design goes through the cycle.

There exists a small group of individuals with enough courage and persistence to initiate building a boat for whatever reason satisfies them most. Sometimes it is lack of money or remote location which drives the builder. There are i550's in Irkutsk, on Lake Baikal. a group in Croatia, a group in Hobart and a group in Portlandia, Oregon fer' gosh sakes (someone should tell them to come in out of the rain). They do seem happy, though.

So the little i550 has found a niche. Its a simple three panel hull design that has achievable tolerances in the measurements for home builders. Rigs can be any material you choose. Deck layout is open to interpretation except for one measurement. Keel and rudder are open to "artistic interpretation" except draft and chord length of keel. Simple.

So there are boats out there being built. i550's among them. Watch for foilers coming out of garages, but I think it will be still in the medium future. The jump in foil building skill is probably the greatest hurdle.

i550 Facebook and i550class.org

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From a financial and time perspective it's hard to justify building a boat at the moment. Second hand boats are relatively cheap whilst the cost for raw materials and fittings remain high.

Having said that, I'm currently building a boat. I am doing it because that's what I want to do. I can build it how I want it and to fit my purpose.


You asked about replacing cedar strip plank with ply strips. It can easily be done, but cedar will be lighter and stronger for the same thickness.


This is my 3rd homebuilt boat. Insurance thus far has been easy enough. They want a survey report. Owner designed may add more difficulty.




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Mojounwin, You are a more motivated man than I am. My hat is off to you. I watched my father build a 34 footer. UGH! I vowed to NEVER build a boat - just dig ditches for manual labor pay for years, then buy one. Hope you get to enjoy her soon. Sadly, my father died soon after launching. Don't forget to go sailing somehow. Happy Sailing!

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