Flying Tiger Whisper

Weight Placement on Foiling Catamarans

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First post on Sailing Anarchy. I have absolutely no experience foiling and would appreciate tapping into the collective wisdom/experience of this forum. I'd like to see if I have a good grasp of crew weight placement on a foiling catamaran. Hoping to receive my White Formula Whisper next week.


Props to Martin and Charlie P. Mayer for their very helpful videos.


Proper Weight Placement

Weight Too Far Back –

Ventilation at 0:18:

“Popping a Wheelie” at 0:06:


Weight Too Far Forward –

Submarining of Bows, then Pitchpole at 0:51:

“Catapulting” Pitchpole at 1:04:


Weight Too Far Windward – Windward Capsize at 0:48:


Weight Too Far Leeward – Heeling Capsize at 1:10:


If you know of better video examples of these scenarios, please post and I'll update this thread.

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You want to put the weight in small lead ingots into the king post-


That's the fast way to victory

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He did abandon his crew! I've abandoned two of my best friends myself following a pitchpole in heavy wind. Before righting, I uncleated the main and jib, but with the wave action, the mainsheet became entangled around the boom. Shortly after we righted the catamaran, the main caught and the boat took off. One of my friends tried holding the rudder, but couldn't pull himself up, while the other never even got close to the boat. I was holding the dolphin striker and got dragged, Indiana Jones style, for maybe 30-45 seconds. By the time I pulled myself up and got sorted, I was exhausted. Multiple motorboats offered to pick my friends up, but they responded, "No, our friend will come back and get us." I waved down a motorboat and told them to go pick up my friends. My friends tried to wave their rescuer off and he told them, "Your friend told me to come and get you because he's heading back!" Those guys still give me grief about that, 12 years later...


And I deserve it!


To top it off, I offered to take them out that night for surf and turf, to make it up to them for my abandonment. We went to a semi-fancy restaurant in Hawaiian shirts and board shorts. It was perhaps 4 p.m and the place was practically empty. The Maître d' looked us up and down and asked if we had a reservation. We did not. He said, "I'm sorry, but we will not be able to accommodate you." So that just added to my humiliation and gave them more ammunition. :P

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