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Telescopic Wand experiments

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When it is not scratched, or perforated with holes that need patching, my catamaran is a foiling beast. The foils are controlled by a wand setup, a bit like a moth, which can be seen here - (warning! it's a post by Doug Lord :-) -- just look at the pics). 

The control system has adjustments for ride height -- but I want to improve on them with wand-length control. However, I have some hard constraints, as the foil still needs to fit through the foil case, etc. Moth style wand length control won't work here.

Control needs to be brought to the top of the foil. The black rod in the pic is about 7mm, and I might be able to squeeze in an 8mm rod in there.

Thoughts? Examples of systems others have built? 

My harebrained scheme is one with a telescopic setup and a control cable...

- a 7mm or 8mm acetal or nylon tube, 5mm ID, with a narrow cut along, the length of the telecoping distance

- a 5mm rod - acetal or nylon, inserted in the tube, with a screw screwed that "runs" along the cut in the tube to control telescoping and rotation

- a push/pull cable control system, running inside the tube, then inside the foil (which has some internal tubes)


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If you adjust  the angle of the dangle, doesn't that determine when the wand will turn the flap off!?

in which case maybe you could extend the internal push rod to extend out the top of the top of the strut and have a threaded connection between the wand and the push rod, which would effect the ride height.  Maybe, knowing nothing but guessing how it might work.


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