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I14 US Nationals @ The Gorge

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The US International 14 National Championships get underway at the Gorge and run by the Columbia Gorge Racing Association (CGRA)
Wind is on, clocking in the 20's every day and boats have been practicing.  Epic venue that will challenge any boat, especially these super powered twin trapeze skiffs.    Gorge is a bit of a trek for some, so it looks like the we'll have a dozen+ boats that made the trip plus a number of top boats.    10 races on the docket including a distance race which will dive deep into some even more windy territory.   The 14's have a deep history and multiple trophies are up to be fought for including the 14 Founders Trophy (Nationals), President's (Distance), First Female, Avengers (for older boats), Windmasters (combined team age over 100), & the Gorge Speed Challenge (GSC).
The Gorge Speed Challenge (GSC) is sponsored by Henderson Boat Company - starts on the practice day and runs through the event - fasted sustained speed on the velocitek or other approved instrument...   all rules and decisions are final and made by Hendo!

* Place your bets?... the odds have been written up and being reviewed... will be posted shortly.

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The betting odds are up... thank you to those that put this together.  The formatting could use some work but here it is- hope to get some photos and vid up over the weekend as well...



2017 International 14 US Nationals - Gorge   The Odds                
1 1189  Dalton Bergan Seattle, WA USA  Seattle YC    3:1 Dalton's a Former 14 National Champ/49er superstar coupling with 14 World Champ Jamie Hanseler jumping in - look to be a favorite after they get reacquatined with the boat.   Welcome back gents!
Jaime Hanseler    
2 USA 1195  John Clark Point Richmond, CA USA  Richmond Yacht Club    8:1 JC is rising up and is fully committed with the new Millenium Falcon of trailer programs - practicing all week, but will likely get taken out by the whips and chains of the Gorge Librarian like the rest of us
Michael Lazzaro    
3 1176  James Clarkson Berkeley, CA USA  RYC    12:1 He's got a new boat coming, but this one aint it…   He will gain another year of Gorge experience and keep moving up the curve.
Joshua Leihe    
4 1177  John Gilmour Richmond, CA USA  Richmond YC    5:1 JV is sailing with Ron?  Not sure, but I think so… don't count them out… Ron is wiley when it gets crazy and we'll see if they continue their Port tack start commitment another regatta - that could pay off on this venue
5 USA 1187  Terence Gleeson San Diego, CA USA  Southwestern YC    6:1 Was top 3 at our last big Gorge event, but new crew brings new questions and our windy Gorge gal will be looking to teach some lessons.   Should be fast but we'll see about those corners
Patrick Powell    
6 1159  Steve Goodson Issaquah, WA USA  CYC    3:2 With the clinic they put on here last time - these boys are the odds on favorites. They should be nicknamed Las Maquinas!...  So steady they make it look easy!   Boat to beat?  We'll see if they continue
Alan Diercks    
7 1167  Katie Love Richmond, CA USA  SDYC/RYC    7:1 Katie Love rocking it with Gorge veteran JP should look to be solid.   Love is the odds on favorite to take the Ladies title again but anything can happen when the Gorge turns on.   Bring it!
JP Barnes    
8 1162  Mikey Radziejowski Santa Cruz, CA USA  ryc    3:1 The young guns are coming off a solid performance in Santa Barbara - Polish has been locked away in his secret sail lab & Evan lived at the Gorge all last summer. Good to see and a favorite for sure.
Evan Sjostedt    
9 1157  Bob Rinker Seattle, WA USA  sloop tavern    20:1 Bob welcome to the fleet!   Who are you?   Have you had a platter of destruction?   I'd give you higher odds but you may have been training with the top Seattle guys.   Welcome & we are here to help!
Alexia Fischer    
10 USA 1200  Brad Ruetenik Encinitas, CA USA  SDYC    2:1 Our Current National Champ has a brand new boat and is sailing with Johnny G - uh oh!!   It may toast time for the Dr. & Johnny G, a top pick for sure, but that Librarian may decide to dance with them… 
Johnny Goldsberry    
11 AUS 672  Kirk Twardowski Mountain View, CA USA  Richmond Yacht Club   6:1 Kirk knows the Gorge well and this duo on the Clockwork Orange machine were showing big speed at times at Skiff Fest but can they keep it rolling all the way around the course - always a threat
Matt Skafel    
12   Hendo Seattle, WA USA      7:1 Has hendo entered yet?   Who is he sailing with?   With 25 years of Gorge experience he'll be in there somewhere and shouldn't be counted out.   Odds get better once entry fees are paid!

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