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Hello everyone, this is my first time posting. I have recently purchased an 11-foot fiberglass whistler sailboat, and although it is mostly complete, it is missing the manufacturer's plaque. I was wondering if anyone could help me put a date to it. I have only found a few photographs of other whistler 11's on the web, and only one pic that seems to Resemble mine. Though it has been repainted, the seats are unmistakably made of oak, and the original (and extremely faded) topside teal color is visible in areas where the newer coat has chipped. The sail bears the whistler logo (W with bird flying across) and the number 522. I have found advertisements from the early seventies for the whistler, but the hull design seems different, having more structure around the daggerboard sheath, and less (if any) exposed wood. I am unsure if the sail numbers climbed sequentially as time progressed, but it seems that throughout the seventies they consisted of four digits. I am almost certain that I have the original sail to this boat, considering it is entirely original save for lines and a few bits of hardware.  If anyone has any tips or information on mfg/anchor sailboats it would be greatly appreciated. Also, though this is a stretch, if someone has rebuilt the centerboard retraction system on one of these before and has some pointers I would love to hear them. Mine has a good deal of play from side to side. Other than that, she seems like she'd make a good daysailor, though I'd like to know how old this dinghy actually is.

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