Attaching Ronstan Swivel cam cleat to Carbon Mast

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Carbon mast for Viper 640

Spinnaker Halyard

Any best Practices?

Difficult to install a backing plate internally. ?

Anyone had experience with rivet nuts?

Regular rivets?


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Check the forum - likely this topic is covered over there.

Your carbon mast for the Viper comes with a backing plate and two screws protruding through the mast where the swivel cleat for the spin halyard is installed at the factory.  So when you remove the old cleat, those screws will still be there to receive the new cleat.  If those have broken or you're having other issues, yes, you'll probably need at least some form of reinforcement for new screws and yes, it's not easy to get new backing up inside that mast if you need it.  The end cap for the mast butt does come off and you'll need to go through there but where the spin halyard cleat is attached is several feet up the mast, so it's not easy to get a backing plate up in there to the right place and attach it.

But definitely come talk on the Viper forum because there will be people there who have seen just about everything that can go wrong on a Viper and can offer advice.  




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Thanks  M

Already posted there. I might just email Paul Young


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