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Monkey Butler

O'Day 27 worth considering?

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It's not horrid looking would fill the bill for what I need in a boat for the next couple of years.



Looking at the numbers it seems like it should perform okay too

SA/D: 20.01

D/L: 170.62

Ballast/Disp: 50.02


Your comments are encouraged.

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Sure, why not?  Alan Gurney was no slouch.

Other than a random, out of the blue request, one presumes you have a particular boat in mind.  Much more important than the design is the condition of THAT boat, and what the previous owners did to it (good and bad).  Considering they stopped making them 40 years ago, you really need to check it over - or better, have a Surveyor check it over.  Good luck!


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It's under $1K, needs to be moved ASAP, needs some glass work that I'm comfortable with doing. Has usable sails.

It's just that other than my old Mariner I've never really looked at O'Days that much. Guess I just wanted to make sure that they weren't all gonna laugh at me on the water.

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Thanks. Looks like she's carrying a good press of sail for the conditions.

I took a pass on the one that needed work. A little research found that there were several others locally in good condition for short money.

In the past I wouldn't even have considered this boat but I think I've changed my mind on that.

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