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H1000 Autopilot problem

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I just bought a boat with a B&G H1000 instrument system, including an autopilot. I know its super old, but by and large it works. One issue I'm having is with the auto-pilot. I'll put the boat on a course under power, sails down, and press the on button. It's in compass mode and it shows both the heading I set and the current heading. The trouble is that it steers the boat back and forth around the heading. It will go 5 to 7 degrees left, then overcorrect 5 to 7 degrees to the right, or more. Back and forth, even in no wind and flat seas. I presume it's not supposed to do this.  What should I look for? I did find the manuals and there was no mention of anything like this.


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There are a couple of procedures in commissioning the autopilot that specifically deal with this problem.  Read the manual.

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