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Involved confirmed engineers.
• Quentin Lucet, architect - VPLP Design, will present the projects of the firm which has designed the next monohull Charal for Jérémie Beyou (who was 3rd at the last Vendée Globe) 
. Hervé Penfornis, engineer and close collaborator of naval architect Guillaume Verdier, will talk about the latest technological developments, Volvo 60, directly inspired by the Imoca. 
• Anne-Claire Le Berre, research group of the Initiatives-Cœur team, will explain how to develop and optimize an IMOCA of a previous generation. 
• Antoine Mermod, President of the IMOCA will come to decode the changes of the new IMOCA rules and how the class can evolve technically. 
• Matthieu Robert, co-founder of MADINTEC, specialist in electronic and computer developments for racing sailboats, will present the latest innovations in this field.

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