Still a few of these rigs left up for grabs - help me sell them please! Finders fees offered if you can - I'd much prefer to see somebody get a deal on a sweet new rig than to see them get cut up.. Asking $2,500 - $5,000 depending. Can help with ground transport & shipping quotes if needed. Currently stored inside a warehouse in Portsmouth, RI. Hall Spars design drawing files and photos available upon request (email me). x1 Beneteau 10R (F 34.7) complete mast package -All hardware installed including sheaves, track, gooseneck, lights, etc. Even mouse lines & Spartite!! -Complete with clear-coat. Totally turnkey! -Spreaders included -One unfinished aluminum boom to match (no cuts/drills/hardware - just the section)   x1 Farr 36 OD, COMPLETED -Clear coated, all hardware installed -No spreaders or boom   x1 Farr 36 OD, UNFINISHED -No cuts, drills, hardware, or clear-coat - just the reinforcement patching at gooseneck and spreaders (primary patches cooked with the tube) -Unfinished base and mast crane -No spreaders or boom   x1 Farr 36 OD, BROKEN -Broken just below the gooseneck, has been cut above the break and cleaned up nicely -All hardware installed, clear-coat in moderate condition -No spreaders or boom   *Also may have some spools rod rigging left over (various sizes) which I could offer with if requested. Beneteau First 34.7 sailmaker info 072406.pdf SAILMAKERS PACKET.pdf