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Meat Wad

An old but fast Zap 26 gets bought for rehab

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I just got an email on the Zap 26 that was in San Pedro and owned by the Cabrillo Youth Sailing Foundation.
The Zap 26 fleet was screwed by So Cal PHRF back in  2008. I have the meeting minutes and it was obvious that Area A (and Cole Price) had a boner for a local MIR that was kicking ass in the boat called "Angry Hillbillies" After "New Data" was presented but never scanned into the record, the Zap 26 was rated to give the SC 27 6 sec/mile Bouy, 12 sec/mile RLC and 18 sec/mile OW. This effectually killed the Zap 26 fleet, many boats sat and rotted.

But Finally someone back east realized what a great boat it is and bought them for pennies on the dollar get rehab'd...... Hallelujah

old/New correspondence.


About a year ago:
I wanted you to now that I bought the Zap and am in the process of moving it to Oyster Bay, LI.  Thanks for your input and I may ping you as I look to restore it and rig it. 

Dave, the boat is about to be transported...hey, I noticed your mast and boom seem to be taller and longer than mine...did you extend your rig?  Also, if looks like a 7/8 that right? How do you like the rig? 

I responded to his email with my Cert and a real do it right ra ra. My dimensions are in line with the Stock Zap 26 except the ISP. Sailboat data does not have the J correct of the Zap 26.


Why do the really good PHRF boats get screwed by So Cal PHRF, get neglected and move back east to get rehabbed?? Maybe long winters give people something to do??

All the Zaps are back east now and I'll have to trailer back east to kick their asses.

WTF is wrong with So Cal??

We just won our Ventucky Cup in Class B and were on the winning team. 3 bitching bags all given to the crew.
awesome weekend 7 to 9 knots and lots of sun.


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It's here.  Spoke with the owner and I look forward to it being on the water next season.


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