riggings specs for Bene 10R / 34.7 ????

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Can anyone tell me or direct me to a source which would give specific details on the specifications of the Rod rigging on a Beneteau 10 R/34.7?

I asked my local rigger, my local Beneteau dealer, called the good folks in South Carolina and tried to get in touch with the folks at Hall spars. No luck so far,

I need the lengths and diameters, please!


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thanks and a tip o' the hat to Debbie Thomas at Beneteau USA.


Beneteau 10R Standing Rigging

Headstay     -10 rod  (0.250” diameter)

Backstay       -8 rod  (0.225” diameter)

D1                -10 rod (0.250” diameter)

V1D2             -6 rod  (0.198” diameter)

V1V2D3        -15 rod (0.296” diameter)


The diameters are nominal w/ 0.0010” +/-

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