Bruce Beveridge

Alternatives to Expedition for B&G Comms

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I've got an old (circa 2004) B&G H2000/Hercules instrument setup that I like quite a bit. 

I do have a B&G RS232 connection for laptop but no software to communicate to the B&G processors. I have been on a boat that used Expedition for tweaking the B&G performance and calibration tables. I would like to do the same from a laptop from the nav table and avoid trying to do it via the displays on deck (difficult on the fly!!!). Its also nice to be able to ping marks from down below and work out some tactical details.

I am also interested in some entry level plotting software to run on board lap top using RS232 or 0183 NMEA wifi bridge.

Are there any options besides Deckman or Expedtion for the RS232 connection that can do both B&G cals and plotting?



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Deckman is a dead product. There are dozens of PC-based plotting solutions. I'm not familiar with any navigation software that interfaces with B&G systems other than Expedition and perhaps Adrena.


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