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La Ventana at Christmas

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I'm taking my boys down to La Ventana over Christmas to kiteboard. There are two lessons per day for four days, which leaves a couple of free days and most of each lesson-day open. Questions:

1. If they are just hanging out on the beach and playing in the water, will they need wetsuits at that time of year? We get rentals with the lessons, but it would be better to buy some here if they are going to need them for horseplay in the water the rest of the day. I'd rather not buy because the 3/2 recommended for Sea of Cortez is too thin for Northern California, plus they are growing like weeds.

2. What else is there to do when we're not kiteboarding? They are 11 and 13, athletic and capable kids.


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i was down there in feburary last year and used my 3/2 .  Water is cool but not cold.


Not a ton to do in LV besides kite, but we also did a day in LaPaz, go swimming with the whale sharks and go up to Balandra Bay.


I love  it down there, super cheap, everyone is super nice

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...good times there.

If you're going to drive,, take a laser for offtimes,,, verry nice conditions. 

You can probably arrange with locals to get out fishing.

There's a hotspring closeby.

You can probably rent SUP's   Jesus boards ... nttawwt

Or rent bikes for the backcountry,,there's LOTS of that.

laPaz is fun, definitely get a night or two there if yer kids are old enough for nightclubbing.

If yer really bored,, the main Grocery store in  Ventana also sells 'other Coke'.   :rolleyes:

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Trip Success!!!

We chose Exotikite in Los Barilles from the reviews and we were not disappointed. We had a great time and would definitely go back. Here's some learning that might help anyone planning a similar trip.
1. You need more than 4 days to really "get it". We are all athletic and capable with sailing and, in my case, windsurfing, experience. I needed 1 or 2 more days. We'll probably take some lessons here in the Bay Area in summertime together to get self-sufficient. 
2. The wind is pretty reliable at noon. 10am is too early. That being said, they get cancellations and so on the 2 days that we were scheduled early, they managed to get us on the water later in the day anyway, so it all worked out. The kids played in the water and on SUPs while we waited for the wind and the instructor to be available. 
3. The instructors Chepe, Simon and Ian were great - obviously passionate about the sport, technical and wanted to pass knowledge and enthusiasm on to visitors. One instructor (not listed here) seemed to be punching the clock and was less fun according to my son - so my advice is to be picky on day 2 onwards if you don't "click" with your instructor day 1. They did a great job with the boys. I was a bit nervous about safety and fun/whiny factor because learning is frustrating and physically hard, but they kept it fun and both kids want to go back.
4. Los Barilles is quiet - perfect for a family vacation with restaurants, supermarket and so on. But it's still a little village so if you're expecting Cabo type nightlife, this is not the place to stay. The beach is beautiful white sand and very wide.
5. Our hotel (Palmas de Cortez) was a run-down dump and I'm never going back there. When we next visit the Exotikite guys, we're going to get a house and self-cater. They have accommodation which is probably perfect for folks who want to hang out close to the action.
6. We went snorkeling, rented mountain bikes, ATV and SUPs. We also drove to La Paz for whale-shark snorkeling (Carey dive center) on our last full day. I'd probably take some fishing gear if I went back solo for something to do while waiting for breeze.

7. Driving in Mexico was not a problem. I was nervous about it, but it turned out just fine. My only advice is to get a car with cruise control. They have long stretches of very low speed limits and it would have been handy to be able to click the cruise on and not worry about drifting 10 to 20 kph over the 40kph posted limit.

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...Glad your trip went well!

I'm down in Baja, heading that way at the moment., Kites,Kayak, Laser,, all ontop of a 2000 Sienna.

I really don't go for your advice of cruise control, although it's handy at times, that's 5-10min at best,,, and it's better to stay very awake and vigilant for the numberous pothols, vado's, and curva peligroso's down here.  Definitely driving down here is best done fully awake.  <;~l



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